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  1. Personally, I can't wait until my LE6920SOCOM gets here. It will be my first AR, and it's a darn near duplicate of what we were issued. I wouldn't write Colt off just yet. They may just come around. Plus, they're throwing in a free jacket!
  2. It's considerably more than a cosmetic issue, It doesent even properly support the grip. Im questioning the QC on that stock first, and absolutely the lack of customer support. You know what, there may be some hope for this situation... it looks to me like something is forcing the stock to pivot/cant upward out of proper linear alignment thereby causing much of your gap. I suggest that you loosen all the mounting hardware and determine the contact points causing this interfereance. Then carefully file/dremel/shim as necessary for your best tight/flush fit. You need to get the bottom of
  3. If you are thinking of trying to get an exchange or refund, don't, you'll get ripped off. Both CNC Warrior and Bonesteel Arms are not replying to any inquiries. My wife and I got ripped off on a $350 order from Bonesteel arms. http://vepr.org/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1938 Both of our stocks had the same huge gap, one had hinge slop, the other had a misaligned pin which blocked the lower mounting hole for the recoil pad. Both stocks were sent back, and we never heard back. It looks like either a bad batch or manufacturing was farmed out, and the problems piled on to the poi
  4. Nice setup. who makes the winchoke hider you have there?
  5. Looks to me like one would actually need to swap out the whole magwell. Right?
  6. Does it look like they replaced the rivets on your rear trunion?
  7. I would love to see a close up picture of the safety mechanism inside of the receiver.
  8. Just read on the Vepr forum that he has a run of 20 in progress. Thanks for your input. Thor signing off.
  9. I'm brainstorming on where I stashed mine years ago...crap
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the guy will move forward on an initial run. I'm with people on keeping prices down. But I would have to say that $5ea shipped would be unrealistic. Shipping and materials alone would likely exceed that amount.
  11. I did the math. I need to swap in one more US made part for my folder to be legal. I pitched the product to a short run shop and and got a quote of $15ea, in black, shipped. This post is made solely to guage the consumer interest for an initial run. No frills. Just a plain-jane mag baseplate to fit the Molot magwell-style mags. Anyways, it is a simple to install 922r compliance part that for the life of me I can't find for sale anywhere. I plan to keep the factory handguards, grip, rear stock, AND use Molot mags. Unfortunately, that puts my count at 11 even with my US made GK-01 mu
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