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  1. Ah. Thank you. Didn't catch that detail. ADHD and all that. Great test / video. Thx.
  2. You sure about that 4oz weight of the V6? CSS and several threads put it in at 10oz.
  3. The sanctions are still tightening and despite my own personal misgivings about firearms, I don't see them letting up soon with the behaviors and other dynamics. I wonder what a rack rate Vepr will in in the next few years assuming this doesn't change.
  4. Looking forward to any feedback on them. if someone was having a Evl build done - would it be better to start with a russian S12 sporter or one of these?
  5. Would you recommend using that trunnion or using the Rifle Dynamics AK / AR adapter if it was your firearm? https://rifledynamics.com/products/ak-to-m-4-stock-adapter-by-rifle-dynamics
  6. Well I have a folder as well, but... What I am referring to is a vepr 12 i have with fixed cheap wood stock and AK Tang. Those are unicorns? I have two of em in that configuration.
  7. Video link is not working. Is there a swivel wheel attached to the bottom of the mag? EDIT: Video now working. Needs a wheel on the mag 4 sure.
  8. Going to be building out another Vepr12. I used the Rifle Dynamics AK AR Stock adapter in the past... But I am thinking, will this rear trunnion work on the Vepr-12? https://mdcmfg.com/collections/ak-platform-products/products/ak-bta
  9. It was originally from a post on the akfiles. This was right when the Vepr-12s first hit the shores.
  10. It is strange that they never seemed to be advertised in this configuration! I had never heard of ROX NJ, and the picture of the firearm which I bought this from was stock photo because it did not show this type of mag release. Much to my surprise it had it. A wild ass guess is they are just showing up in the shipments randomly, not specifically ordered but they get what they get.
  11. Oddly the wood stocked unit I bought back in December ends up it has this type of mag release as well. I unboxed it today, thinking about if I am going to build another vepr and it's marked ROX, NJ as the Importer and it has this competition style mag release.
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