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  1. If he's a gunsmith, he has to be an FFL as well, unless he's doing gunsmithing illegally. I would bet a call to the ATF, or even the threat of such, would scare the gunsmith into returning a stolen shotgun. If he's not licensed as an FFL, the ATF would be interested in that as well.
  2. Treasury Department Adds Molot Vepr to Import Ban https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/treasury-department-adds-molot-vepr-import-ban
  3. Centerfire has the VEPR-12 SGM drum on sale for the Memorial Day weekend for $80: https://www.centerfiresystems.com/p-5096-vepr-12-drum-25rd-12-gauge.aspx
  4. I bought my two at the below link, maybe 10 days ago. They seem to still be in stock right now. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/pro-mka01-mag-mka1919-12ga-10rd-poly-708279011399.do
  5. I have two of them. They seem solidly built. I have not tried them. I got them for $31.12 from Crappier Than Dirt. The little spring-loaded lever near the top seems a bit sticky (is that a bolt-hold-open lever? or what? I'm not an MKA-1919 expert).
  6. Wait, 10-round 12-gauge mags can violate 922r? They're not considered high-capacity mags, are they? I have a converted Saiga-12, so I know about the requirements, but was not aware that you couldn't use 10-rounders. Is that because it's a shotgun? Or what? I'll have to look more into that. So, can you not use a 10-round mag in a non-converted import rifle, like, say, a Saiga .223, or other rifle caliber? Is there a different requirement for shotguns? Thanks for the comment. I will look into it. I will certainly not use them if they are not compliant. EDIT: So, I'm reading that for
  7. Picked up my Turkish AR-12 yesterday. Lots of polymer, but still pretty heavy. Seems a bit like a high-end pellet gun, tho. I didn't try cycling any rounds. Interesting gun. It doesn't seem to be an AR at all, but it does look like one. (My dealer commented on that as well.) I'm definitely more curious about the MKA-1919 now, though. I probably should pick up one of those as well.
  8. Fair enough. Thanks! Doubt it'll be anything like my Legion-converted Saiga, but it could be fun. Unless it jams. Seems to be the luck of the draw with these--and I was aware of that. Maybe I'll get the MKA sometime down the road, but I wanted to try the AR-12 first. At least the MKA mags should be compatible. Maybe. Anyway, I was just wondering if somebody here had experience with them, that's all. I didn't even know this forum covered the MKA until after I got the AR-12.
  9. I didn't buy it because it was like the MKA. Nor did I think the parts would be interchangeable. I didn't want the MKA-1919. I got what I wanted. So, you didn't really answer my questions, but thanks. I appreciate your time. (Oh, and thanks for the condescending attitude. That was awesome.)
  10. A couple days ago, I bought a Leader Arms (imported by PW) AR-12, which is supposed to be a clone of the MKA 1919. In fact, it's supposed to use the same magazines, so I just ordered a couple 10-round mags for it. Anyway have one of these, or have opinion on it? I've read mixed reports on the AR-12, but this is supposed to be the Second Generation version and is more reliable than the original. I got the AR-12 from Classic Firearms for only $350, so it seemed like a reasonable gamble. It should arrive at my local dealer on Tuesday.
  11. Actually, Trump didn't quite say that. He said he would reverse all of Obama's ILLEGAL executive orders. That gives Trump considerable leeway in interpretation of his own comment. I'm hoping he'll get rid of the sanctions, tho. I think Russia, and specifically Putin, is expecting Trump to do so. I sure hope so.
  12. I was actually surprised that the drum wasn't bigger. I had seen them in person at the 2014 SHOT Show (or was it 2015? I forget) and thought they were very big. It doesn't seem so big mounted on my Saiga-12 (yes, I use it on my Saiga-12, not a VEPR).
  13. My Legion-converted Saiga-12 with magwell with my new 25-round SGM VEPR drum. I'm gonna like this! Hope to shoot it after work today. Maybe.
  14. Well, good luck rogers! Mine arrived today. Two of them. One ordered 2-1/2 years ago and one last week. And they come the same day. LOL. I'm extremely happy. OK, first let me admit that I don't own a VEPR. I bought the drums for my Legion-converted Saiga-12 with magwell. VEPR mags aren't quite compatible, but almost. You have to remove a little bit of the latch tab, but it works great. I've converted a few 5-round original Molot magazines for my Saiga-12 and they been great. So, I got one of my VEPR drums converted for my Saiga-12 and works great--at least it loads when hand cycling. I
  15. So, in addition to my Centerfire order, I decided to get one from Classic Firearms, too, because I wanted to make complete sure I got one from the first batch going out. Well, both the one from Centerfire and Classic are scheduled to be delivered today. Whoa, can it really be so???
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