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  1. Even brass cased ammo CAN deform if left with pressure for a long time. If you either cycle it out occasionally or shoot and refill every so often then there is nothing to sweat.
  2. As in Legion USA? All their V12 options on their website are always sold out.
  3. I'm in the market and trying to find the best deal out there.
  4. People who buy niteforce scopes and such will still buy quality products. People whose best optic is a Walmart special will try to make their own or buy junk. That's how it works in ALL retail fields, and this would be no different but the plus is they total suppressors sold would be huge in comparison so profit potential is awesome for dealers.
  5. It would be sweet. Add the fact that the NRA is pushin for the NFA list to lose suppressors and a SBS Salvo 12 would e a whole lotta fun
  6. Obama and Putin had a "rocky" relationship and the Saiga was a victim of that. Put in and Trump could do well together and if so we could see more (and more reasonably priced) Saigon imports again by early next year. Does that make anyone's pecker perk up?
  7. I found a welded folder for $919 I was eyeballing but wanted a fixed metal stock if I could find one cheaper to modify. Seems the $919 may be the way to go and just get another later to modify. That way I can have a pure VEPR and a AMERICANIZED VEPR setup.
  8. As the title says. I am trying to find a fixed stock tubular v12 in stock for purchase. Checked all the regular sources and the choice seems to be either prices are stupid high or not in stock.
  9. If Uncle Sam would loan me $400,000,000 for half a decade I would happily return it later with interest. Hell, I even promise that it will be a billion bucks.
  10. I saw an actual report that they said as long as the swimmers keep their heads above water and do not swallow any of it that it is relatively safe. It then went on to detail how there is just massive amounts of human excrement in the water and how bad it would be for "the average person" as though the speedo suit imbued them with resistance to poop.
  11. You missed several zeros there boss. It was $400,000,000 and it just happens to happen that we planned to fly that money to Iran on an unguarded plane and leave it for several hours at an airport before departing to head back to the US. I mean sheesh, who didn't do that all the time? Besides, there is zero chance that money could ever be used to develop a Nuke by Iran or funneled into terrorist groups that hate us just as much as Iran does.
  12. If they are so pissed off why aren't they doing anything, like demanding she not interpret their intent while on vacation and demand a redress of her actions? Some Reps have already put forth laws to make all her actions related to guns null. Unfortunately they only have 5 days to complete anything before formal sessions end for the summer. There is another planned rally for this Saturday so maybe it will impact the speed at which things are done but if it doesn't this will all end up stuck in the books Also want to edit to add that you have to remember that the Dems hold a super majori
  13. If they are so pissed off why aren't they doing anything, like demanding she not interpret their intent while on vacation and demand a redress of her actions?
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