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  1. Because its cheap Chinese steel. Really cheap. Cause 8cr13mov is actually decent steel.
  2. I almost bought a Gerber knife the other day. The ghostrike, I really like it. Want crazy about the steel, 420HC I mean come on. But I saw it at the local box sports store. Hung under a 25 dollar price tag. I figured for that price I'd try it out. Got to the register and it was 59 bucks. For so,so steel I said no thanks. Several years ago I had a us made Gerber knife. It was a good piece of steel. Lost it though. Kershaw is another company that will really take care if there customer. I have basically the same story with Kershaw. SOG on the other hand, I have a pentagon elite the cli
  3. Very well said. I hope Mossberg really doesn't just slap your mag in a 930 though. If they have any sense they will be looking to do something bigger, and more deserving of your mags. I see a folding stock, pistol grip, make two visions. One is an 18 inch shotgun the other make a really short "firearm" with folding arm brace. They have a huge opportunity here and should spend the time and money on designing and bringing a totally new firearm to market. Mike if you have any pull at all with Mossberg please in part this on them.
  4. They used it on a pump!?!? Is it possible they tried it on the 930 and the magazine couldn't keep up. But with a pump you don't have to have your magazine present the Shell as fast.
  5. But all those hoops to save what 5 inches? The beauty of this thing is no extra paper work.
  6. Had an insurance job. My roof replaced. About 9 guys showed up and had my old roof ripped off wood replaced as needed new roof on and everything cleaned up in about 6 hours. And I got a 3500 square foot home. Those guys knew what they were doing.
  7. Have you seen the brakes that have the cover over them that supposedly send the blast forward? And is a silencer out of the question. Cause it'll do everything you need.
  8. Ever seen a barrel headspace​ wrong on in spec ar15 parts? Doubt it. Most people just want a decent rifle not a nra high-power comp gun. Building an ar15 is super easy and can be done with some wood blocks a vise and barrel wrench hammer and some punches.
  9. I really want a 2016 with a v8. Maybe in about 5 or 6 years ill be able to afford a good used one.
  10. lol Well push comes to shove, remove barrel pin, pull barrel, insert it into a lathe, dial in concentricity, mark proper length, insert threading tool, select proper settings (Speeds and feeds baby.), turn it. Check threads with thread gauge, remove from lathe, repress barrel, insert barrel pin. There is always a way when you have enough material. But most just wanna use a die. It's understandable. Don't forget your Tap Magic and to make sure your threads are concentric to the center of the bore before you start tapping. My wife's uncle is a machinist. He was able to Chuck my whole rif
  11. This is spot on. Unless the gun has replica written on the side, and not 50AE. If you get the reference we can be friends.
  12. I remember when we would welcome new members with a nice semi nude pic of a fat lady......the good ol days. Lol
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