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  1. I built a PCC using the Guard bolt and barrel kit. Works great. I'm running the Emdomag Pmag inserts so I can use my standard AR15 lower, they are pretty awesome.
  2. Heartbreaker

    Rotary Barrel Systems: Yay or Nay?

    I have a Grand Power K100 (full-size 9mm). I can't tell a whole lot of difference in recoil impulse, but the gun itself is excellent. Their rotating barrel mechanism is superior to Beretta and Glock's, it's simple and durable. The only problem is magazines are difficult and expensive to aquire.
  3. Heartbreaker

    Drop in trigger

    I'm not sure I see the point of a $200+ CMC or $300 Elftman drop in trigger over a Tapco G2 for $45 or an ALG for $90. Take apart your gun, convert it and learn about the AK fire control group. It's not that difficult.
  4. Heartbreaker

    Anderson AR lowers

    I have 2 Anderson lowers. One has a slightly tight magwell (Magpul won't drop free, USGI and Lancer will), but otherwise they work fine.
  5. I take it that you are a mechanically inclined introvert. I am exactly the same way. Solitude and a machine to tinker with and I am happy.
  6. Heartbreaker

    S 12 ready conditions

    Took me 5 minutes with a Dremel to notch the factory safety like a Krebs for BHO. Works great.
  7. Geez, take a chill pill from the dish on the front desk. The reason forums die is because of ALL THIS TOXIC F***ING ATMOSPHERE. Seriously, we are all adults here, SO ACT LIKE IT. It's the internet, like it always has been and always will be. Toughen your skin, let it go and move on. Sheesh, and people wonder why I like machines more than humans.
  8. I'm not old and all my Saiga has killed are paper targetosaurs and clay pigeondactyls. But I am still alive.
  9. A Leatherman Wave is my near-constant companion, with either a Kershaw Chill (beater work knife) or a Kizer Begleiter (nice knife) on the side.
  10. Heartbreaker

    Why I do it? Doing custom work on the Saiga 12

    I love the feeling when you fix an old/busted/worn out machine and start it up and it purrs like a kitten. I always get the warm fuzzies.
  11. If you designed and produced a completely new design modern shotgun made for doublestacks I would absolutely buy one. Nothing against Cameron's C-12 but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
  12. Lots of good info there. I have a Faxon 20" SOCOM profile 5.56 barrel on my AR15. High quality, reasonably priced and made in my state.