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  1. I have a friend who has a Canik and it seems pretty squared away to me. NutnFancy swears by them too.
  2. The Hi-Power was the double-stack large capacity wonder nine that started it all. Almost every modern design borrows from it.
  3. PP-19 Bizon in 9x18mm with a helical 64 round drum, also available in 9x19mm with a 53 round drum.
  4. Yeah, but unfortunately the days of the cheap and plentiful Saigas are long-gone and probably never coming back. This is the first Saiga rifle I've seen in quite some time and I knew I had to jump on it if I ever wanted to have one. It was already converted and has a $100 Magpul stock so I do think that helps with the price some. Definitely picking up some Csspecs mags.
  5. I just got a Saiga 308 22" barrel at a gun show. $1400 with one original and 4 Promag 10 rounders, plus the nice Magpul stock. I'm planning to get the muzzle threaded for a G28 flash hider, make some wood furniture and get a Belomo POSP scope to make it into a Saiganov.
  6. It does help some. Pair it with a good recoil pad and it should make your experience better. Mine did cause issues when running light Winchester target loads, but those rounds were garbage anyway. I changed my configuration so I'm no longer using my hydraulic buffer, it's used but in good working condition and if you want it I'll sell for $90 shipped. (It's the Enidine branded version, looks like a buffer tube and takes standard AR15 stocks.)
  7. Is this project completely dead at this point? I'm still interested in the concept, just wondering if it will ever reach production.
  8. I have no interest in this latest one either. Disney ruined their trilogy so badly that most don't even consider it canon. On the plus side, the SW Stories movies are pretty good.
  9. I have a reprofiled bolt that Cobra did, that ledge has been smoothed out so it won't catch and I have no problem with Winchester ammo.
  10. I built a PCC using the Guard bolt and barrel kit. Works great. I'm running the Emdomag Pmag inserts so I can use my standard AR15 lower, they are pretty awesome.
  11. I have a Grand Power K100 (full-size 9mm). I can't tell a whole lot of difference in recoil impulse, but the gun itself is excellent. Their rotating barrel mechanism is superior to Beretta and Glock's, it's simple and durable. The only problem is magazines are difficult and expensive to aquire.
  12. I'm not sure I see the point of a $200+ CMC or $300 Elftman drop in trigger over a Tapco G2 for $45 or an ALG for $90. Take apart your gun, convert it and learn about the AK fire control group. It's not that difficult.
  13. I have 2 Anderson lowers. One has a slightly tight magwell (Magpul won't drop free, USGI and Lancer will), but otherwise they work fine.
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