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  1. Been here since early 2008......mostly just lurking around...but still, after all these years, it’s the only forum I semi-regularly keep up with.....it’s always good to see some of the old hands still around.....there will always be a special place in my heart and mind for this forum..... and always a special nostalgia...... for a saiga.
  2. Marlin is great but only those made before the corporate buyout......lots of issues concerning quality control reported on the newer versions.....if you have the budget for it, go ahead and get the Henry.....I'm not as crazy about loading from the tube.... but...quality wise, the Henry is top shelf.....learn from my mistake....I bought a newer marlin....had to send it back to factory for repairs....came back with a brand new set of problems....a very frustrating experience all around.....I've put it in the rear view mirror and never looked back.....as far as the Winchester is concerned....I just don't prefer top eject.......
  3. Whatever your choice, here's something to at least consider. ...a lighted reticle is great, however, if the glass is also etched, you will be way ahead if your batteries run out......if not, you'll just end up with a hollow tube when you need it most. (Murphy's law)...
  4. Once upon a time, there was a guy named Alexey from the urals either in Russia or Ukraine who could get almost anything you needed at very reasonable prices...I don't know if he still does....some others on this forum may know....good luck.
  5. As I recall, going way back, tony over at tromix said he saw the double stacks in person and that they indeed worked....that makes it solid for me...as for mike himself, he may have other fish to fry that I know nothing about...the talk about vaporware filled up the forum on his drums as well...I love having mine though...I've been a member of this forum since February of 2008...I don't post much but have been here all along from my first day...if mike brings them to market tomorrow or 2025...I'll be throwing money at him just like before....if not....I still love my drum...thanks mike.
  6. Btw. ...I just noticed above my av that I am a newbie...if that is so, it makes me the only newbie who has been a member of this forum since February 20th 2008...you would think I might get some kind of special prize for that...it has to be a record of some kind...good day to you all.
  7. As far as biblical signs are concerned. ...according to biblical history, they have all been given to the land of Israel or the middle east in general ...only one of these blood moons in the entire tetrad is even visible in the middle east...based on only this...as a "sign"...it seems a little undone. But then again...what do i know?
  8. cash had a GIANT firearms collection, and treasured them mostly from a historical perspective as most of them were from the old west and earlier period pieces...although, in his younger years, he was also an avid hunter...
  9. from everyone here in razorback country.......ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!! SEC...it is what it is....
  10. Please never equate me with the likes of those honored heroes -- I overreacted as well, mea culpa. Rock on Brother! Sorry Will, your thread is yours again... i have been to the pacific northwest only once in my life, but i tell you it was the most beautiful place i have ever seen...hope to go back some day...i wish there was a way for yall to share your summer temps with us way down here...these 107 degree days are getting a little old.. take care now
  11. I'll never stand and defend every word I say or thing I do , but this one really bother's me and needs to be addressed . Vince said somthing about vet's rolling over in their grave while I'm explaining what we've just been hired to do [and it's a LOT] . Considering the number weapons we build that have "enemy" country of origin [AK's and others] I felt it was simply beside the point , just Vince going off on a tangent , and made a quip to shut him so that we could get back focused on the job at hand . What you may not know is that Vince is a very good friend of mine , a brother I would die for , and while I may give him a kick to the ass for adjustment purposes , it's MY brother that i'm giving a kick to and I would never intentionally do or say anything to hurt him . As it turned out , that "quip" did . and I gave and had accepted by him my profound apologies . With this show , you see what amounts to a 50 minute window cut into 6 days of 7 peoples lives and edited to be fast paced and interesting . Take it how you want to . Any thought that I'm somehow disrespectful of my fellow Vet's is simply to delusional to be addressed . Will thats good enough for me mr will, and no, im not ned or "liberal" in any way that i know of...the fact is, im just a simple redneck who lives about halfway between you and tony rumore in lower arkansas who has strong feelings about our fighting men...thanks again for taking the time to set things right (says alot about you as a person and an american) as i said before, i have always been a fan of the show and your craft as well...take care now.
  12. I know a thing or two about having multiple identities on forums to back up points. Nice try Ned Beatty. This was easy to figure out. The liberal arrognace gave you away. you got me there...im ned...right ned?
  13. How bout if I took a bullet while in the service of my Country? Would it be okay for me to not STFU? BTW, my feet have touched the sands of Normandy -- took the tour, and if you actually stormed the beaches on June 6th, '44 you have my ultimate respect. Otherwise you are just another tourist and I suggest you look intently at your avatar to devine my impression of you. Great start BTW please also take a look just under my avatar and you will see that i actually got my "great start" in feb 08....it was my intention to defend the honor of men like you in this post(not that you need my help im sure) and perhaps my neck got a little red in the effort...but im sure that if you read my post again, you will see that i was talking about you and men like you in a very loyal way, at least that was my meaning sir...i do hope you will understand
  14. i have loved every episode of the sog program from day one...until tonight. when mr. will told his employee that his world war II veteran late grandfather could "keep rolling in his grave"(and something about what would happen if he popped up) concerning the mg 42 project...i lost all respect for him then and there...it even made me angry at myself for having been such a fan of the show as well as a fan of wills work...i guess what i mean is..if will had said something like "look man, your grandfather took those mg's and stuck em up the germans ass and won the war, so im sure he wouldnt mind us playing with them."...patriotic americans would agree, and quickly moved on to the next segment...but instead, we got treated to will saying something akin to "tell your old grandpappy to go suck a dick"...and he lost me right there...for those who will come rushing in for damage control..let me just say, if your feet have never touched the sand at normandy, then SHUT THE FUCK UP.............on second thought...go ahead and chime in....those men fought and died for YOUR RIGHT to do THAT as well.
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