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  1. I got my refund. Invoice #52. I sent my original payment of $750.00 to Red Dragun in February of 2011. And I received my refund check today. Brian is paying us back.
  2. I hope we haven't forgotten about Youtube.
  3. When you take into account what I paid for my Tromix skeleton stock, that's an awesome deal.
  4. Some good news on the refund front. I am invoice #52 and put $750.00 down on an 030. I got this email from Brian today. -----Original Message----- From: Brian Skinner <brian@reddragunweapons.com> To: Sent: Thu, Jun 6, 2013 3:53 pm Subject: Refund Hi Brian, Can you please confirm your address for me for your refund check. I am currently able to knock out a handful of these with yours included, so if you could confirm for me I will have it cut and out to you within the next week. Thanks! Brian
  5. Bridis

    got Mags?

    Where's Evil when you need him?
  6. 3 MD 20's 1 PM 12 1 12 rnd stick
  7. That is a forend with integral iron sights. That looks like a Halo quad rail. I don't think they make them anymore. But sometimes they pop up on gun broker listed for $350 to $450. They are supposedly pretty heavy too. I suggest you look into the Chaos rail systems. They are cheaper, lighter and have more options.
  8. rec_shooter I'm pretty sure I could get you the Saiga you are looking for if you were so inclined to give me your shotgun in exchange.
  9. You do not have the typical Saiga-12 that everyone has conversion or modification parts for. Maybe you could sell this one and buy the S-12 model you want. For more info on what type of S-12 you have, post up the numbers stamped into your gun or google them yourself. GL
  10. Looks like gunfun was getting pushed around by that S-12. It also looks like you didn't clear the weapon at the end of the last video. Glad you got your shotty running good.
  11. Good looking stuff... Not sure how ur suppose to order anything.
  12. I'm sure it can be discouraging to an amateur to make adjustments without achieving the results desired. Plus, amateurs don't have all of the time to go back and forth to a range for testing. I recommend taking the advice of the Pros who have spent the time and identified a fix. Why waste time reinventing the wheel? Especially if you don't have the previous experience.
  13. Maybe when you read the multiple threads about drilling your gas ports to resolve reliability issues you should have drilled them to the recommended size?
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