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  1. Yeah I'm sitting watching and it's turning into shit. Feinstien just asked the pres "what about weapons of war on our streets?". She is so out of touch, listing so many popular weapons as weapons of war. These libs have been spouting so much crap for decades that they now believe their own bogus propganda. My question is, Why isn't anyone talking about the real deadly problems in our society? Traffic deaths in 2015 - 35485, 2016 - 37461, 2017 estimated to be 40000 plus. What about alcohol related deaths, 88000. 2200 of which were from alcohol poisening. Drug overdose - 63600 plus. Thes
  2. Looks like an awesome idea Mike. Is that a one off or can you knock out a few more ??? For testing purposes!!! I'd take 6 off your hands if you can produce. You're even close enough that I'd road trip and pick them up.
  3. The number one financier, George Soros. He will have his hands elbow deep in this. Eliminate him from the equation and the whole thing folds and disappears. Just the sight of that NAZI collaborator and his stupid ass smile makes me want to puke. Wonder how fast he can run. What boggles my mind is that Antifa protests fascism using fascist tactics strait out of the SA playbook. They should be honored with a designation of a terrorist organization.
  4. So now, what do we do? Will contacting our reps and senators demanding answers get us anywhere? I'm personally at a loss as what to do....
  5. I don't know how many times I have heard the left crying that they have the 1st ammendment to protect what they falsefully claim as truthful. Then they are shouting for elimination of the 2nd Ammendment. Are these sheeple so freakin stupid that they really don't realize that without the 2nd Ammendment there would be no 1st ammendment. Just look at HISTORY.
  6. The overall right? No. They are defending gun ownership for fudd stuff, not the universal ability to defend ourselves with equal or better arms against aggressors whether they be individuals, mobs, or governments. That's the 2A right, and it hasn't been a part of the NRA's rhetoric to the public or to legislators in my lifetime. It is during fundraising, kinda. There was a company located in Louisiana that made the "Recoil Rail". The're no longer in business. The rail mounted under the handguard and used either a grip or a bipod with a bumpstock. It was spring loaded and increased the effi
  7. Just a few weeks ago I finally settled with the VA on a disability claim that I filed in Nov 2008. It was found in my favor and I received back pay to the date of filing. What a relief. Anyway, Yes I spent a small portion on my favorite pastime. I purchased a Vepr 12 and the necessary parts to complete it. Also, I purchased a Vepr 762x39 w/16" barrel and a Vepr 762x54R w/20" barrel. I figured I'd better get these as I doubt they will ever come off of the "sanction list". So now to get busy and eliminate the wooden thumbhole stocks. Add to that the necessary parts to build another Yugo R
  8. There was a company located in Louisiana that made the "Recoil Rail". The're no longer in business. The rail mounted under the handguard and used either a grip or a bipod with a bumpstock. It was spring loaded and increased the efficiency of the bump stock. No slow down in cyclic rate, complete mag dumps without stoppages. They had gotten into a tiff with Slide Fire for using their name in the ads and Utube vids.
  9. I haven't watched pro football since 77. Don't miss it bit. I've got much more important things to do with my life. Hell, come to think of it.....I don't watch any professional sports except for the Indianapolis 500. I'll stop here.....I broke my soapbox yesterday...lol.
  10. Just now on FOX.....So far no link to terrorism. Also Modified AR15 found at scene. Modified to full auto. The modifications were not identified. Whether slide fire or complete conversion has not been stated.
  11. Last night at 2311 hrs I placed an order for 4 magazines from CSSPECS. The price was right as they were on sale. At 0115 hrs aprx I received an email from CSSPECS. The email was a confirmation that the magazines had shipped. WTF.....that kind of CUSTOMER SERVICE is almost nonexistant in today's world. I am so amazed at the service I received there isn't any question where I will buy all of my mags from now on!!! THANK YOU CSSPECS for service above and beyond what is normal. I recommend to anyone who is wondering, don't hesitate to part with your money when dealing with CSSPECS.
  12. WOW!!! Been away for awhile tending to life. Just finalized a 9 year old request for increase in VA disability. They approved my increase and sent my back pay. So imagine my surprise when I logged on and saw Mike's letter and Cspecs response. I have been waiting to place an order from Cspecs until I had the cash. Now that I do I'm ready to pull the trigger and too toss my 2 cents into the ring, it would be most awesome and acceptable if they were to reach an agreement with MD Arms to produce the Saiga dbl stack.
  13. Got it done. It is amazing how many sheeple signed the petition for POTUS to share his tax returns. Personally, I don't care. Is it neccessary? NO. Is it mandatory? NO. just sayin'
  14. I really think this pres is fracking nuts. He wont even look you in the eye while he sticks the knife in. So I guess that since I draw my ssdi, and want to travel I would have to appoint my sister as designated payee to handle my finances. Using that scenario I would qualify to be tossed into the category that strips my gun rights WITHOUT due process. HMMMM....... The next question will be, when will this poser try and implement an old German program named Aktion T4. This program first focused on children and then adults to eliminate "Lebensunwertes Leben" (lives unworthy of life. Seems
  15. The week before last a couple of bills flashed through the legislature and headed to the desk of Gov. Pence. They finally got it right concerning SBS. There was a quote that since the Feds have them covered then there wasn't any reason to disallow SBSs' in Indiana. The other was an open carry bill. I haven't seen the results. There suddenly was 24/7 coverage of a pizza joint in Walkerton (population - not many) where the teenage daughter of the owner told a news reporter that anyone is welcome into their Christian based business, but that if they were specifically asked to provide pizza a
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