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  1. Even the Street Sweeper owners were given the opportunity to register them tax free, under amnesty. Seems like that would be another angle for a court challenge, maybe even a crowbar to go after the Hughes Amendment with.
  2. Yeah, I saw that too. Not that I have any desire to make one, but there is a .pdf floating around showing how.
  3. Timeline showing all of the failures that the NRA was responsible for: http://projects.sun-sentinel.com/2018/sfl-parkland-school-shooting-critical-moments/
  4. You know that at some point over the course of this holiday season, everyone still in possession of a bump stock probably uttered the words, "Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho."
  5. OK, an expanding .45ACP equivalent. That doesn't make it hunting ammunition.
  6. Just keep in mind with blackout subs, you are basically going to be shooting them with a .45ACP equivalent.
  7. It's like after decades of wandering in the failderness, Ruger finally figured out accuracy.
  8. Honestly if the CZ wasn't so pretty I would probably have dumped it a long time ago. It also had problems with misfeeds and failures to fire due to light primer strikes right out of the box. I seem to have gotten those bugs worked out of it thankfully... The misfeeds went away when I bought 2 new magazines (one that shipped with the gun is defective), and I had to make a spacer for the striker spring to boost the preload on it.
  9. The Federal JSP in the blue box is a little better out of my CZ than even the Lapua, but I didn't find any of the other Federal ammo to be worth a shit. The Lapua runs around 1.25moa, and the blue box will do just a hair better than that. Winchester JSP from the silver box is the 3rd best and usually does about 1.5moa, while Hornady Zombie Max is a very consistent 2moa. IIRC the Czech made S&B was 5th best at around 2.2, and everything else turns into a shit show from there on out for me.
  10. Your worst groups are better than my CZ's best groups with the same ammo. I'd be really interested to see what your rifle would do with some Lapua.
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