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  1. Dremels don't ruin guns, people ruin guns. It is no different from any other tool; it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil.
  2. Nobody said anything about a .338 Lapua build until you brought it up. You don't build a rifle (or usually anything else) to save money. You build a rifle to get the rifle you want. If an accurized ought six is what floats his boat, then so be it. I would take the same action and have a .35 Whelen built on it, because that's MY idea of a great custom rifle. The fact that I could BUY a factory built Remmy in Whelen is largely irrelevant... Besides getting exactly the barrel quality and contour desired, the twist can be specified, so the resulting rifle will be optimized for the actual intended bullet weight, not whatever compromise twist rate the factory would have chosen. Muzzle threading can also be specified, whereas often a factory barrel won't have sufficient meat for threads. And even though Remington barrels and assembly have generally resulted in accurate rifles over the years, no production rifle built to a price point is ever going to be able to equal one that is the result of a good gunsmith's personal attention, using a barrel from Hart, Shilen, etc. Also lately Remington has not always been doing so good as they used to quality wise. Having a custom rifle built on an older action may actually be less of a crapshoot than buying a new factory Remington in the desired caliber. Edit to add: Be careful who you take it to.
  3. Maybe build it in something cool like .35 Whelen or .338-06.
  4. netpackrat

    Kennedy Retirement

    I read she died like a year ago, but her interns have been carting her around ala Weekend At Bernie's...
  5. About time. It's been a pretty good week at SCOTUS so far. http://www.wtae.com/article/supreme-court-justice-kennedy-announces-retirement/21968669
  6. I don't know if I would blame Facebook for having killed forums, but fuck them anyway.
  7. On my Model 7 300 Blackout build, I first tried PTG bottom metal for AICS magazines, and I could not get it to feed at all. But that issue may have been specific to the Blackout round. I ended up with the factory Remington parts, which at least worked. If you are going for aftermarket bottom metal for detachable magazines, your stock will most likely have to be custom inletted to fit it. Get a decent trigger if you don't already have one. I used a Timney which I have been happy with. Also, have your muzzle threaded 5/8-24 in case you decide to get a can later. That is the most common thread size for a .30 caliber can.
  8. Gift certificate to Cabela's or archery shop local to her?
  9. Usually people put the maglite body on the other end....
  10. netpackrat

    Vid for GunFun

    Another video showing how it is supposed to work. The owner/captain of this vessel is a good friend of mine: Asked him once about knowing where to find fish... He said, "You can follow the crowd, but the crowd is wrong. And even if the crowd is right, then you have to share with the crowd." Seemed to have applicability beyond fishing.
  11. netpackrat

    Vid for GunFun

    Yeah a lot of people don't realize how much power a seiner has, or how fast they can move when the skipper wants to. I have heard of at least one that was powered by a gas turbine.
  12. netpackrat

    Vid for GunFun

    I went to high school with the guy whose boat got rammed: https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2018/05/22/rammed-or-shooting-the-gap-salmon-seiners-clash-in-prince-william-sound-criminal-case/
  13. Brown bear meat is not considered edible up here and you are not required to salvage it by the game regs. Black bear meat you are, and some people seem to actually enjoy eating it.
  14. I glass/pillar bedded my wood stocked Remington Model 7 years ago. It is, as Evl stated, a messy pain in the ass. It also solved the problems I was having with that rifle, so in the end it was well worth doing. The factory wood stock was warped and pressing on the barrel, throwing my point of impact off by well over a foot at 100 yards, which caused me to have to crank in a bunch of adjustment at my scope and irons. After the bedding, I was able to take all of that adjustment out because it shoots basically to boresight now. Interestingly, grouping size was not changed either way. Essentially what I did was follow the instructions in the Acraglas Gel kit, plus I added a couple of pieces of steel tube to serve as pillars for the action screws. You can either glass bed, pillar bed, or both at the same time. I did both at the same time. You end up hogging out stock material around the barrel, action, and recoil lug, and also drilling out the action screw holes oversize to accept whatever you are using for pillars, and then there is some prep work to the action as well. I put a layer of electrical tape over the forward face of the recoil lug to create some clearance for removal and installation, and also around the barrel to create clearance for free float. EVERYTHING metal and that you will want to be able to remove needs to be generously coated in release compound, and everywhere on the stock that you don't want bedding compound will need to be taped off carefully. Then the compound can be applied per the instructions, and the whole thing assembled. Once it has cured, hopefully you'll be able to separate the action from the stock if you have done it correctly. My stock chipped slightly where the action stuck around the safety cutout but it was pretty minor so I applied some finish oil over the damaged spot and left it alone. It's a hunting rifle and subject to getting stock scratches anyway. Again, you can do either or both, but if you have a wood stock, the advantage of a full length bedding job including the channel will be to stabilize the stock so that it can't shift and impact your accuracy. The main function of the pillars is to allow the action screws to develop and retain their full torque repeatably, which can have an effect on accuracy and zero retention. But as I said, it's a pain in the ass. I built another Model 7 from a bare action last year, and that time around I just bought a composite stock with a built in aluminum bedding block. It's way more easier and works well, although in theory the glass bedding with pillars can be better since it is a custom fit to your rifle, and the fit of the aluminum bedding block is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Squeaky, what action are you using?
  15. netpackrat

    F#$^%$#! Yeti !

    GOA doesn't do shit other than take your money and attack the NRA.