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  1. You did an excellent job both on your rifle and explaining it plus the pictures. Now I will do mine
  2. What an awesome read. Haven't seen a thread like this in a long time. Vinni83, Thank you !
  3. Great wood stocks. You got skills Sir
  4. Very nice. Congratulations on a job well done.
  5. Great question and responses. Just finished my son's and we were wondering the same thing. I love this forum !
  6. Tried to donate some money on-line. Can't seem to get it to go through. I'll see if I can just call it in.

    1. PFerris


      Fax it to me, I could use it.

  7. PapaSmurf

    IMAG0005 1

    Just wanted to see how hard it would be to custom make a stock. Fore arms are Birch. Baltic Birch Laminate used for the butt Stock. Not stained or finished. Next i'll try one for a converted 308. Fun to do. Custom fit to my face and cheek.
  8. Very nice work. Love the deep 3D look on the buttstock.
  9. K now that I've seen it...It does make me as worried.
  10. Two jack rabitts and one coyote. Used the .308 instead of the 7.62.



      .308 is a 7.62 know what u mean tho lol...sounds like some fun shooting!

    2. lbsrdi


      My cousin just shot a coyote with a Mac90. It went straight thru, and he was never found. Tough buggers, I told him he should have used a .308.

    3. PapaSmurf


      Did I say .308 instead of 7.62? Its not the age boys, its the mileage....LOL

      Yeah not much left of Jacks.

  11. I am definitely staying with the lighter 124, 125, grain bullets. Much more accurate for coyotes. Heavier rounds shoot all over the place.
  12. Went shooting Jack Rabbits today with my 7.62. Crap those dudes run fast!!!

    1. lbsrdi


      Did you get any?

    2. PapaSmurf


      No. Came close. I go about every other weekend. This one was rough.


  13. Excellent Rifle. I would love to be able to build something like this. Well done.
  14. I am assuming it's an abandonded door bell transformer.. If so, They are usually 120v, if it's a sixties type. Disconnect one wire at a time and screw on a red or tan wire nut. Then tape over the wire nuts so they don't come off. If you don't know if it's abandoned and you have access to a multi meter, Put one lead of the meter on one wire and the other lead on the other wire. If you get a voltage reading, it's still hot. If you disconnect one of the wires and the door bell doesn't work, It's still in use. This type of cloth covering was common in the 60's. Sometimes the covering
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