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  1. Hasn't happened on my vepr mags, but it did happen to my Saiga mag one time! I don't think it can happen once inside the gun as its supported by the magwell on the sides.
  2. Russiansurplus.net still has the Molot railed lower handguard. That's what I'm running now. I had the Chaos setup, but got rid of it because the set screws on the bottom really mar the bbl when firing. It's a really nice rail otherwise, light weight, and a better option of attaching an optic than the plastic top cover rail. It just needs a better way of securing to the shotgun. A bbl clamp like on the MI Ak rail would be way better.
  3. Yes you could have a design similar to the surefire 100rd ar mag where it's wide on the bottom and narrows in the magwell area.
  4. I bet Jack Travers could make a copy priced at $100. I'd go for that. His saiga 12 mag well (also $100) was great.
  5. Has anyone swapped their polymer mag well for the metal one as seen here: http://www.russiansurplus.net/product_p/vepr-magwell-b.htm If so, is it worth it? And any issues with installing and mag fitting? I'm thinking about picking one up since more came in stock.
  6. Is this available to purchase by itself or can it only be bought with the forend?
  7. I've got about 10. Only need 40 more. They work outstanding in my S223 and Golani (and to think I almost sold that one). Wished they fit in my SLR106 too - then it would be a perfect world
  8. I just hope they'll be available before the fucking ban goes into effect. That cocksucker Biden!!!!!
  9. How is the front nut retained? Did you use an o-ring?
  10. Looks like we've seen the last of them. Css is out of stock (along with the rest of the hi caps). And a new AWB will be installed as soon as the new Congress is seated. I only hope what we have now is grandfathered like the last one.
  11. Just make sure the grinding tip doesn't hit the primer. That happened to me once and the gf wasn't too happy about the big hole I put in the wall
  12. Unfortunately, you can't thread the S223 bbl to 1/2 x 28 unless you trim the bbl down. I went with a 14x1 LH and a Dinzag extra deep threaded phantom FH.
  13. saiga545


    Sounds to me like you're trying to rationalize buying a TWS dogleg rail . But very nice setup! Is that a Kobra sight? I love my SGL31 too and am thinking about mounting one of those on mine.
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