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  1. And comments like yours are why this forum is dead. Actually idiots giving out erroneous advice and failing to realize that lots pf people here could face serious legal issues by following said advice has a chilling effect And while we are here, I know of SEVERAL long time members who left this forum DIRECTLY from your personal behavior here including at least two vendors. So cry me a river if you are so concerned . BH762 Just like your posts here, under other names, you can't seem to refrain from name calling and unsubstantiated claims. Funny your latest acct. started
  2. If the CA gun shops don't know CA laws, I doubt anyone in CA does(well that last part is pretty much a given) Anyway, we ship the firearm setup according to what they will transfer. If they accept it and transfer, it's between them and the end user at that point.
  3. And comments like yours are why this forum is dead.
  4. R&R is sold out has been for quite some time.
  5. According to them as long as it doesn't have Flash hider Pistol grip Collapsible stock it's legal
  6. According to a large gun shop in the bay area, all they need is to be featureless and they are good to go.
  7. Why is there no aftermarket options ? From what I'm finding there are no parts for S12's
  8. Have a customer with a S12 with a broken bolt. Not sure why but I can't seem to find/get a hold of anybody who has, or makes a replacement. Anybody here that does?
  9. Just delete my acct. I'll stay out of here from now on
  10. My son and I shot ?25+? matches last year at least 7 majors the rest local or close to local. Spent MAYBE ~$5,000.00 total. We do have some sponsors for powder and bullets(not all free) so that helps some. We also sponsor a shooting team - us and 2 other guys, spent maybe $2500.00 on that.
  11. Didn't mean to offend you , sounds like you did your research and got just what you wanted, that's great. Most inquiries we get are just the opposite of you position, guess that is where I started from. Had 2 calls and 3 emails just today, same story.
  12. Sorry to be the one to tell you but they are NOT like an MKA , I get calls, or worse orders for upgrade parts, guys thinking they are the same- order parts, then call when they don't fit. Many will start off saying part x doesn't fit their MKA, after a few questions it's obvious it is a knock-off version. "but they said when I bought it , it was exactly the same". . . . . . .
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