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  1. I went carbine all my rifles are 16in so I wanted it to match although I still want one in 27 or even 23
  2. I have a Russian storm47 break by red heat haven't had a chance to try it yet Ive been too busy but I like the design
  3. How much did he charge?
  4. What kind of tools would I need mullet man??
  5. My 433 converted by legion no pg hole the second one is my 109 both are the same way
  6. You can put a houge ak handguard with the rails and it'll be a little cheaper might take a little file work but let me know how that works out I think the vepr 12 handguard might fit a little lose cause the receiver walls are supposed to be thicker on the vepr
  7. I have a 433 and a vepr 12 my 433 came with a izhmash 8 rounder but the vepr 12s mags with a little filing of the mag catch part will fit it perfectly and function just like they should it will activate the LRBHO I have a even amount of mags for each the saigas have the mag catch filed but still function just fine in my vepr but not vice versa as they will not lock hook me up with the stock! I'm converting one right now
  8. When I did my first saiga conversion I had never used a drill it took me 3 days to drill the holes cause I was doing it counter clock wise when I finally realized what I was doing wrong I finished that same day I don't even have a dad that showed me how to use tools or anything you can do it if any do it for the personal satisfaction you'll learn so much more about the weapon system if you can dissasemble a ak you can do the conversion
  9. They are converted all 4 of them they don't have the pistol grip nut hole all 3 of them have bolt on trigger guards that you bolt the grip onto except the vepr 12 but that has a factory side folder I can't stand the sight of an unconverted saiga and I already have a slide fire stock The bottom one is being converted now All my saigas get converted the first day they are placed in my hands I'm so impatient when it comes to working on firearms
  10. I'm the only person in my entire family that is into guns and I did it myself I'm doing one right now but ayy it's your money if your going that route get the 350 one
  11. Nothing special but they're mine 2 rock n lock arsenal side folder and the other one is being converted as I speak the others is a saiga 12 030 from legion converted by them I put the houge grip and I canned the tapco fixed stock although I think it might go into my other conversion for now and last but not least my vepr 12 with ergo grip and moe rail on the handguard and 2 sgm breachers and 1 lynx kamerton 2
  12. How are people mounting slide fires on saiga 12s I have 3, 2 rock n locks and 1 030 and none have a hole for the pistol grip nut?? How would I be able to make one what to olds would I need exactly thank you
  13. I love legion but if I was doing a basic conversion if do it myself I bought my 433 already converted cause at the time they where offering a factory 8 rounder with the converted one vs a 4 rounder with the non converted one unfortunately it doesn't come with a pistol grip nut hole
  14. I haven't had a chance to try your mags but at these prices they're too good to pass up but as soon as y'all drop a good 7.62x54r 20rd mag I'm gonna throw money at y'all like I do with legion I've been meaning to get some saiga 308 mags from y'all for a minute any chance of a 556 mag?
  15. I think you can you any ak handguard with a little fitting cause the barrel is bigger so I think the space that the lower handguard slips into is smaller but the top should be good to go
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