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  1. checkout Beez Combat Systems or if you really wanna spend the money, HSGI is the way to go hands down!!!
  2. When I'm gleaning information here on the forum, I see a lot of sensible recommendations, as well as key expert knowledge, yours tends towards the latter and you respond to so many of us newbies... once again, thanks for the info. I'll feel better having something other than green tip 855's to use in the house...a lot of holes in a lot of buildings, vehicles, etc to repair even if you make contact with the intruder every time. Can you recommend a good economic CQB ammo? anything you can find 55gr-69gr BTHP. the 70gr-77gr BTHP will work for for HD/CQB at that distance, but much over 100 ya
  3. I wouldnt.... semi auto is PLENTY effective and ammo is in short supply. Train for accuracy and make your shots count. Dont be wasteful. Stike hard. Strike true... -RR
  4. Galil 35 round steel magazines are problematic in many of the newer Saigas with dimpled receivers. seriously? ive never had any problems.
  5. if you can get them, use Galil 35rd mags! you get the bonus of having 5 extra rounds and they were MADE for 223/556 to begin with so you know they're gonna feed as long as you have a feed ramp installed...
  6. I've been eyeballing your quads for the rifle for a while now but I can't seem to see from the pix if it has a receiver alignment tab to line them up straight. I had the Midwest industries quads and I took them off and literally threw then in the garbage because I spend hours trying to align them and couldnt do it and my optics were always crooked! Let me know! thanX- -RR
  7. **THIS** is the only way to go for a saiga! Plue with the 90* gas block its the right thing to do!
  8. original to the gun or did you get a military tube? if so, what country of origin is it?
  9. if im not mistaken, i believe the KOBRA is centered over bore.
  10. its normal in all my AK experiences for them to beat the ever loving shit out of brass! one of my buddies has a saiga 223 that has been known to actually knock primers out of brass as well.
  11. get a 20 ton from Harbor Freight. the price difference between the the 12 & 20 isnt enough to bitch about.
  12. I know where to get good gear, but where can i get replacement webbing and snap buckles and stuff like that in bulk to repair gear? who are some of the suppliers that places like BCS , HSGI, TT and other companies get their stuff from? Id like to keep a couple rolls of coyote colored webbing around in various widths and extra buckles, side release clips and things of that nature around incase i need them in a pinch. thanX- -RR
  13. considering pinnicle wont sell to civis and the outlandish prices on top of that....yeah its out of reach...
  14. FROG LUBE!!! I cant say enough good things about that stuff. I'll NEVER go back to petro-based products ever again, its a one stop shop...
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