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  1. These do look cool and I'm already a big fan of the MDS. Check out the ARMS #31 mount, which should work perfectly and give you both a nice cowitness and QD at the same time. I have several of these mounts and the work great.
  2. Mine showed up yesterday as well. I haven't tested them yet, but man did they get here quick.
  3. I just want to say thanks again for handling this in such an awesome manner. It says a lot about you and your company.
  4. Doesn't the factory puck move freely when it's clean?
  5. The answers are here on the forum but to properly explain the necessary considerations and opinions would take someone at least a half hour or more of typing time. It takes the combination of the right knowledgeable person being in the right mood to sit down and dedicate a lot of time to writing it and answering the multitude of follow up questions. Shannon of Cobra's Custom used to be awesome about doing this for people, but he understandably got burned out on it after untold thousands of hours spent typing instead of doing what he does best. If you haven't already, try using Google
  6. I've had quiet a few emails back and forth with David on different topics and he seems like a great guy who is genuinely interested in putting out a quality product.
  7. I agree with GunFun (as usual). Extra weight out on the barrel is in the worst place you could put it for leverage. I see these shrouds simply as heavy decoration. I usually put 100-200 rounds of birdshot/buckshot down the pipe when I shoot these guns and the barrel does not get nearly as hot as it does on a rifle. This led me to believe that a lot of the barrel heat associated with rapid firing a rifle is probably due to friction rather than the burning powder, but I'm just speculating. Finally, one cannot speak of barrel shrouds without paying homage to this classic clip...
  8. Cracked me up pretty good with that one. Then I laughed again realizing that you thought of that joke and then had the follow-through to go look up the run time.
  9. This was just posted over on another forum. Sounds like good news for compliance and tuning... "I've replaced both the puck and gas adjustment plug, both US made for the Saiga 12 from carolina shooters. Both fit perfectly but I have yet to go to the range to see if they work without issues. Haven't tried the auto plug one."
  10. Great point. A half dollar sized group at 50 yards is all I require from .22.
  11. This stuff has been very consistent for me and is usually priced pretty reasonably (relatively speaking) when it's in stock. It's a nice balance of economy and accuracy when compared with Golden Bullets or CCI.
  12. The owner of DDI (David Fillers) seems to be genuinely interested in bringing good products to the market. It may be worth contacting him to see if he would be interested in tapping into your expertise. david.fillers@ddiarms.com
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