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  1. I mounted a quad on my 12ga Fury 1 that is very similar. It was no difficulty. I haven't looked in 18m, but we might have removed a retaining piece from around the barrel when we removed the factory plastic. It has a small boss into which the retaining screw threads. IF you take it off soon, measure the barrel diameter near the breech. I'm interested in some upgrades to a .410 I have not yet found.
  2. Oh, I might become a devotee of the AR chassis again. Well done Chaos!
  3. Academy Sports (if you have access to one) has 3" .410 in #4 shot WInchester Super-X. They state velocity is 1100fps, and using high brass. Price is $14.99, or roughly 60 cents/round. 12 gauge Olin/Winchester 00 is about $1/round at the same store. They also carry the Remington .410 Slugger at $5/box of 5. The MV on those is a blistering 1830fps. Sounds like charchooter has real-world test results. I'm looking for a Saiga .410 now!
  4. Hey thanks Jug- In my eagerness to rat them out, I missed the reporting pointer. Please delete thread and I'll look over tall teh landscape.
  5. And Remington now in Chapter 11 or other protection for bankruptcy?
  6. I see WAY below I should have posted this to Other AK Shotguns. My apologies for being clumsy. ADMINS/MODS I understand if this gets commented upon/moved. Thanks-
  7. At 200 the drop is -7.1998" Velocity 1699 fps Energy 788 lbs-ft
  8. Many online retailers carry that brand and probably spare parts. The MTU002 is on page 40 of the current catalog. But Ace Hardware or anyplace with good high-grade fasteners is probably your easiest step.
  9. I've had time to reflect on good advice I found here. The Fury 1 upgrade is essentially in maintenance mode now, and is shown in the pic with a Bulgarian AK-74 (No-Dak Spud) for reference and size comparison. It weighs about 9.5 pounds by my guess. I should go weigh it, but I was already used to carrying an M-60 back in the day. I've tried many loads and it is rock solid with all the slug or buck I can find moving faster than 1250 fps. I did adjust the set on the TAC-47 a bit for more consistent performance with a magazine of mixed manufacturer's ammunition. That was about 1/2 turn in (ri
  10. Good to hear that you are undergoing a change in perspective. Take care of yourself and family first.
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