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  1. I was looking at this one because it has a closed bottom. Should let me shoot prone without kicking up dust and it's 14x1lh thread so i should be good to go. True.. if you're looking to do prone shooting, you'll probably want a closed bottom. In that case, it will have to be "timed" with either a crush washer or using a plunger (which will require significant work to a Saiga FSB, or swapping the entire FSB out for one with a plunger). Lazy me will try crush washers first. Will let everyone know how it turns out once i get it on.
  2. It's I was looking at this one because it has a closed bottom. Should let me shoot prone without kicking up dust and it's 14x1lh thread so i should be good to go.
  3. Saw a guy with an AR with no muzzle device at the range. I was surprised by how large the fireball was compared to my buddy's with an A2 hider. Having seen this I've decided that i definitely needed something on my saiga. Has anyone tried Kreb's M16A2 Type Flash Suppressor on their saiga 223? Here's the link http://www.krebscustom.com/PartsPages/KalashnikovParts.shtml#TRIGGERPLATE It's right above the triggerplate and yes, i know i will need to thread my barrel.
  4. notofnow

    Is MSA MIA?

    Got my order but it was just a rebuild kit for an adapter i had ordered and got about a year ago. The kit itself looks and works fine and for those of you who ask why i need a rebuild kit. I sanded the inside of the adapter because some of my usgi mags were a little tough to get in and out of the mag once it was mounted on my saiga. Dummy me sanded a little to much without realizing that i was also sanding down the mag catch itself.
  5. notofnow

    Is MSA MIA?

    Got email and tracking number for my order
  6. notofnow

    Is MSA MIA?

    If nothing else you can call your credit company and file credit card fraud.
  7. notofnow

    Is MSA MIA?

    So when do you think my order will be shipped? I only ask because I've not gotten a response from my emails and my credit card was charged on the 5th of this month. Most merchants don't charge your card until just before they ship an item if there is going to be a significant delay on the order.
  8. notofnow

    Is MSA MIA?

    Has anyone recently ordered anything from Magnolia State Armory and actually got their stuff? I ask because I ordered ar mag adapter rebuild kit about a week ago and i haven't gotten anything except for the original email saying my order was processed. No response to my follow up emails requesting info on when my order will be shipped and can't find a phone number to call.
  9. It's tempting because the idea was to get this rail and then fit a TA33 Acog with 308 reticule.
  10. Any updates on this? Thinking about getting one for my s308.
  11. For what its worth, i got some 223s that were fairly decent but the 9mms i got from them key holed at 7 yds. Never bought anymore
  12. I got a MSA adapter couple of weeks ago.
  13. Got my MSA Adapter last week, got it put on and tested it. Went to range with 120 rds of different 223s and it worked great with 30 rd pmags but would double feed when you get to the last 2 rounds of a 20 round pmags. WTF i said and so i took both apart to find what the difference was and the 20 rd doesn't have the same follower as the 30 rds. That didn't sit too well because I prefer the 20 rds more than the 30s just because. So i went to the local gun shop and got a Lancer 20 round. With the dummy rounds it wouldn't feed the 2nd to the last round, the lancers do not have anti-tilt either. Again WTF. I bought a 3 pack of the magpul yellow gen 3 anti-tilt followers and dremeled it to fit the 20 rd pmags and now it works like a charm. Attached are pics of the followers before and after the dremel job. In addition the 20 rd pmags with and without the modified followers. Went back to the range with another 120 rds of ammo, three 20 rd pmags with dremeled followers, two 30 rd pmags without modification, one ten round aluminum mag which already had an anti-tilt follower and a surefire mag just to make sure the rifle could still use them. I loaded 3 to 5 rounds in each magazine, lined them up, fired and swapped out the magazines as quickly as i could. I did this 5 different times and not one single failure. I only paused to reload and/or swap out the mags. Ammo used: 40 rds of tula 223 fmj 20 rds of brown bear hp 20 rds of brown bear sp 20 rds of silver bear hp 20 rds pmc fmj As for the adapter itself, it's definitely quality made and when on the rifle it doesn't budge at all. It locks in tight and unlocks just like a regular saiga magazine. I was able to use the surefire without any problems. My 10 round aluminum mag drops free but the pmags won't. I had to sand inside the magwell a little because the pmags were tight at first but now it comes out with just a little tug. I think it's because my saiga has dimples which presses the the sides of magwell in a little. I'm good with it for now and maybe i will sand it a little more to drop free later. I don't think an adapter can design away the problem a saiga would have with magazines without anti-tilt followers. I checked my surefires and the follower definitely does not tilt. So for all you folks out there that gets one, make sure you have magazines with anti-tilt. I think now days most do. I was surprised the 20 rd pmags didn't because it seems most manufacturers are putting anti-tilts even in their 20s. Maybe it's because the 20 rd pmags are straight walled and they didn't think it would be needed. I doubt i will ever take that adapter off. It's just too darn convenient and i now have the ultimate goto rifle, an ak that will shoot 223s and take AR mags. It took awhile to get my adapter but it's money that i think is well spent IMHO.
  14. So when will Renegadebuck's adapter be available. I've been emailing the guy since spring of this year and i still don't have one. The only response i've gotten is "wait a few more weeks". Maybe i got dropped off the radar and he's ignoring me. Has anyone gotten one from him lately?
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    out of curiosity, which ar adapter did you use and where can you get one?
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