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  1. lokmeup

    M22x.75 tap

    eBay... less than $50.
  2. Cut the punch down like Turbo recommends. Use a BFH and tighten the crap out of your vise... make sure the only thing that can move, is the pin.
  3. Invoice #47, refund received today Brian is a standup guy that got shafted. He is making right what went wrong... within his means.
  4. You do not ALWAYS need to adjust the gas system. Test out the new setup BEFORE you decide to drill larger holes in the barrel. You may save yourself some time/effort/errors.
  5. TEASE... Where? Pics? Link?
  6. Sell the ar10 on GB. Then buy what you want with the proceeds.
  7. It doesn't matter if the cover/rail is tweaked while open, only if it is canted while closed. The slight twist while open actually lends to a tight fit while closed. Exactly what you want if you have optics mounted on the rail. Wear from the cover and safety lever is normal.
  8. I made this for my Saiga-12 with the side mount. My idea was to have the red dot mounted as low and as far back as possible so I would not see the sight, except for the floating red dot on the target. I no longer have the side mount Saiga, so I am selling this. I think I paid $50 for the mount, $15 for the red dot adapter, and spent several hours milling the side mount to accept the adapter. It could use a coat of spray paint and don't go stripping the threads, the mount is aluminum after all I am selling it for $70 shipped.
  9. Contact Atlantic Firearms regarding the Vepr 12's that are due in.
  10. Doesn't really matter. That can easily be remedied. Just buy it and try it out for yourself. If it works great... if not, then come back here research remedies.
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