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  1. Make: IZHMASH Model: SAIGA IZ-433 (12S EXP-01-030) Caliber: 12GA 2.75" and 3" Location (city or county): Sacramento County, California Price: FIRM $3000 (including magazines, light, and various compliance parts) Will ship (Y/N): Y Other info: Federally banned. California legal configuration. This may be your LAST and ONLY chance at obtaining the closest thing to the venerable Izhmash Saiga 12S EXP-01-030 version that the Russian Spetsnaz uses in Mother Russia. It started out from factory as a Izhmash Saiga IZ-433, with the appropriate gas system, trunnion with AK leaf sights, hinged cover with picatinny rail, magwell, and LRBHO factory installed. All of the appropriate 030 Izhmash Saiga 12S EXP-01-030 factory parts were source from around the world to build the beast before you. This shotgun will run on everything you feed it, from cheap 2.75" Walmart birdshot to 3" magnum slugs IN THE SAME MAGAZINE. IZHMASH 030 FACTORY INSTALLED FEATURES: -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 AK-100 Forend Furniture -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Gas System -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Trunnion with AK Leaf Sights -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Hinged Top Cover with Picitinny Rail -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO) -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Magwell CONVERSION 030 FEATURES: -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Flash Hider tig welded to 18.1" overall barrel length -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Gas Block with Picitinny Rail -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 AK-100 Side Folder Buttstock Assembly -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Recoil Pad, Pusher & 2 Screws -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 AK-100 Folding Buttstock Receiver Front Catch Assembly -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Pistol Grip W/ Bottom Plug -Izhmash Saiga-12-030 Trigger guard -Red Star Arms Two Stage Trigger -Fire Control Group Retaining Plate COMPLIANCE FEATURES: -MagLatch Gas Port Plug: Installed to comply with California gun laws. As such, the shotgun is currently bolt-action and must be rack after each and every shot. -Izhmash Saiga Gas Plug: Included and can be installed if you want to return semi-automatic functioning to the shotgun where legally allowed. -Magazine Locking Device: Included and can be installed if your state requires "a tool" to remove the magazine. -Stainless Steel Blocker: Included and can be installed if your state requires a "fixed" stock configuration. EXTRA FEATURES: -Insight WL1-AA Tactical Illuminator Flashlight with Laser LED Quick Release Rail Mount -4 Izhmash Factory 8 Round Magazines -2 Izhmash Factory 4 Round Magazines ADDITIONAL VIDEOS: -KS-K / SAIGA 12S-EXP-01-030 -Saiga 12C Exp-01-030 ANSWERED QUESTIONS: -The IZ-433 Saiga came directly from the Russian Izhmash Saiga factory with the 030 front end, hinged top cover, magwell and LRBHO configuration. That is what the IZ-433 model designates. -This factory configuration is very rare, as few were imported in this configuration before the new US Russian import ban took effect in 2014. You can see an old web page on Atlantic Firearms describing the IZ-433. -No parting out. -Are you the original first owner? YES -Fired round count? ~500 WALMART BIRD SHOT and 20 SLUGS -Who install the AK-100 folding stock? LOCAL MACHINIST/FABRICATOR -Who install the trigger? OWNER INSTALLED -Who install the muzzle brake? LOCAL TIG WELDER -Any blemishes, chips or damage? WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES -What is included? Box? Manual? EVERYTHING IN THE PICTURES AND THE BOX WITH ALL FACTORY ACCESSORIES -Why are these Federally banned? POLITICS. -What makes this California legal? The installed MagLatch gas port plug converts the shotgun into bolt-action, conforming with all requirements of SB 880/AB 1135. With the gas port plug installed in California, the shotgun does not need to be registered as an assault weapon, can use the factory magazine release without a tool, and can have a folding stock. MagLatch Gas Plug has not been approved by the CA DOJ. This device is designed to conform to the law as written in SB-880/AB 1135 which states: “Semiautomatic” means a firearm functionally able to fire a single cartridge, eject the empty case, and reload the chamber each time the trigger is pulled and released. Further, certain necessary mechanical parts that will allow a firearm to function in a semiautomatic nature must be present for a weapon to be deemed semiautomatic. A weapon clearly designed to be semiautomatic but lacking a firing pin, bolt carrier, gas tube, or some other crucial part of the firearm is not semiautomatic for purposes of Penal Code sections 30515, 30600, 30605(a), and 30900. BUYERS, send questions or offers to Seller using Private Messages If you don't put a deposit down, it is still for sale. If this posting is up, it is still for sale.
  2. lokmeup

    M22x.75 tap

    eBay... less than $50.
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    Porting today

    Cut the punch down like Turbo recommends. Use a BFH and tighten the crap out of your vise... make sure the only thing that can move, is the pin.
  4. Invoice #47, refund received today Brian is a standup guy that got shafted. He is making right what went wrong... within his means.
  5. You do not ALWAYS need to adjust the gas system. Test out the new setup BEFORE you decide to drill larger holes in the barrel. You may save yourself some time/effort/errors.
  6. TEASE... Where? Pics? Link?
  7. Sell the ar10 on GB. Then buy what you want with the proceeds.
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