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  1. shotgun fired about 20x wife hates it been sitting for 6 months. One mag, two chokes and all the pink accessories you see!
  2. Jeluvsk

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    Gotta say.. what a awesome addition to both V12 and MKA line, I'll be buying one of each!
  3. Jeluvsk

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    Definitely a piece of art! Do you have idea what pricing range might be? ETA?
  4. Jeluvsk

    Vepr 12 Molot 10 Rounbers "In Stock"

    Thanks for the update!
  5. Jeluvsk

    Csspecs steel 8rd Vepr-12 mag final model.

    Same problem here couldn't check out fast enough! Maybe it's a sign to wait for the 10rders. Bet those sell out even faster!
  6. Only one charged on misdemeanor assault, 90 days in jail.. what a horrific story
  7. Jeluvsk

    Things appear to be working out

    It might not change what happened, time that passed and his closed business. Nobody knows exactly what happened to Pauly. I have done business with people and little mom/pop Internet businesses on many different forums before, during and will continue way after all this is nothing but a faded memory. But at least we are getting our parts back. I got mine today good luck to you all that are still waiting...
  8. Jeluvsk

    Things appear to be working out

    I was 1st on the list I had the RSB, I'm happy to report I received my parts today as promised.
  9. Jeluvsk

    Things appear to be working out

    yes this is true, Pauly emailed me and stated his shop closed and most of the equipment was lost. He is in the process mailing people's parts back right now
  10. Jeluvsk

    FTE, FT extract

    I can understand it jamming with cheap ammo, the fail to extract and having to pry out the round is what concerns me. I'll buy a few different kinds of ammo and try again. But getting it to run cheap ammo would be nice..
  11. Jeluvsk

    FTE, FT extract

    I bought my wife a 1919, looks great, didn't shoot so great.. only tried one type of ammo, found some cheap buckshot at Walmart Suprema "made buy Tula" Spain. Out of the 50rds 30 FTE, about another 5 failed to extract had to pry them out by hand.. hoping its just the ammo, Anyone else experience some problems or have any advice? SAS lower T&N FCG Firebird handgaurd Factory 5rd mag
  12. Excalibur Mortar Sets $65ea or (2) for $120 I have a sealed case available (6) retail boxes to a case $340 3" 9 Shot Storm Chaser Finale Cake $65ea or (2) for $120 I have (4) available, take them all $220 take the whole lot I have for sale $525 FTF: TAMPA FL
  13. Jeluvsk

    POS guide rod

    How hard was it to remove the guide rods from your 1919s? I've tried putting it in a vise and twist on the receiver by hand with no luck, tried using a pipe wrench and hitting with a hammer, heating the rod up.. I've completely destroyed the factory guide rod so I'm kinda committed now.. i have a replacement rod/ firebird handguard so I know I'm which way is the correct way to turn for removal.