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  1. I shot my V-12 straight out of the box, I opened the cover, popped out the bolt and checked for obstructions, and slapped it back together. It wasn't properly cleaned and lubed, just the way it shipped. It ate high brass stuff just find but never ejected the weak low base stuff correctly. If I stepped up to hunting strength shells it worked better with only the occasional FTE. Slugs and 00 were flawless. I tried 6 different flavors of low base stuff and they all yielded the same result...FTE. I mounted my new RTD and sighted it in with slugs and found it reasonably accurate, shots touching
  2. That's pretty douchey behavior. I hope your customer dis-service policy bites you in the long run.
  3. You do know that CA has no mail order ammo restrictions, right? Yes SF and LA have some restrictions but shockingly there is more to the state than that...
  4. I mounted the standard See All on my V-12 and it works fine. The only minor issue would be ejecting hulls nicking the See All a bit but it's purely cosmetic.
  5. I have a 100% bone stock IZ-132. I have it for several years. I'm contemplating adding an optic...I really don't want to mess with it as it runs great and does the job, plus I don't want to contend with the legal crap I'll encounter in CA and with 922r so stock she stays.
  6. His comment was based on the article being from the SFGate, not the actual place the incident happend. It was also a correction of the uninformed statement that it, "went off" as if it magically did it, rather than being the result of a complete idiot. I don't think anything patriot said is bigotry. SF is known for gay people and hating guns. Can't handle that? I'm well aware of SF's rep. I also don't see derogatory slurs furthering the conversation. I'm involved in 2nd amendment causes in CA. Tolerating that kind of speech isn't helping gun owners look any better. So I'm not going to sit q
  7. Because the liberal media in CA sucks. I live hear so we hear crap like this all the time. It keeps the sheeple in fear of the evil black gun.
  8. That's a nice video. It does look like she kicks a bit. Once finals are over I'm off to the range to shoot my new V-12. I shoot a Livermore Rod & Gun Club. They recently did a large expansion and it wasn't enough. If you arrive 10 minutes after they open on a Saturday you will be waiting to get a lane.
  9. It was in Mercer, PA. I guess that makes you stupid twice, once for not being able to read, twice for being a hate mongering bigot. FYI in CA they have a lot of stupid laws, one of the laws that may not be so bad is a safe handgun certificate, the written test is super easy, but they do a safe handling test were you must demonstrate proficiency in handling your pistol safely. It's rare to hear about this kind of accident in this state. Like they said in the military: It's always loaded, keep your booger hook off the bang switch.
  10. I just got a See All. It was $122, so slightly over your budget. It has no batteries. It's very visible and works fine with both eyes open. I pickup my VEPR-12 this week and will be mounting and testing it soon. So far all I've done is stick it on my AR and it seemed pretty good. Looks very solid and seems like it would take some effort to screw it up. The FSB blocked forward visibility but it worked fine. I expect no issues.
  11. Well Done Sir! Did you do anything to increase the power?
  12. I also Ordered the See All ... hope to be testing next week I'll be in WA on the 15th...
  13. I love the Russian Kobra but the dang thing costs more than my Saiga...so I don't see it going on there. That is also the only thing I currently own that has a side rail. I do like the other sight, $199 seems pretty good, it reminds me a lot of a C-more. The fact that there is only 1 review isn't reassuring. I obviously have something in hand now, but if I don't love it I'm sure I'll be looking for something else. I like the choice in reticles. It might be great on my AR. Russian site on U.S. gun? Why the F not? If I get a VZ-58 this will definitely be considered. edit: I just reviewed the
  14. The See All just showed up. It looks good. It appears to be very durable, the frame is monolithic and very solid. I don't get to pickup my VEPR 'til Monday so I test fit it on my AR. I don't have the recommended riser so it's definitely too low without it, the FSB blocks your view but with both eyes open it was still usable. Your eye has to be in the right position before the reticle comes into view, I don't expect it to be an issue once I have a little time using it. I will say other RDS sites I've used the reticle pops into view a bit sooner, but you'd have to do a side by side comparison wi
  15. I started the DROS on my V-12 last Friday. It looked great. A couple of the gun store employees were eyeing it lustfully. The trigger felt good for never fired and made in Russia. If there any issues, they haven't shown up yet. The rail looked straight. The top cover is a tight fit in a good way. I can't wait to get her out of jail and pop her cherry.
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