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  1. I should have been more specifiic. The walmart bulk pack winchester low brass...about the cheapest crappiest you can find. It's overgassed on the federal flight control or slugs.
  2. I was thrilled to death when my V12 was able to run the crappiest of crap ammo. That being said, i decided to try something with some more power. I noticed that it feels as though im slapping the rear trunion. Are there any stiffer springs out there that'll work? I kinda miss being undergassed with a saiga.
  3. Thanks cameron. If you need a vepr 12 to borrow, i'm in indianapolis.
  4. that's an excellent idea! Thank you.
  5. thanks for the compliment. Its just a cheap hinge from the hardware store. it started out looking like this. this is what it looks like now up close. and here is a shot of it before paint. the hinge has a little play in it so I believe at some point i may do something different. I am going to try to put a hardened hing pin in the hinge to see if that helps. If it doesn't i may break down and buy an ace folding mechanism. All in all I only have about 10 bucks in the hole thing. +! for ingenuity
  6. I'm assuming this is a drop in OEM replacement and not something that is a gas booster or bleeder to fine tune this machine. I think i'm gonna need less gas to run the really heavy stuff. Please tell your manufacturer there is interest in different performing pucks. Thanks Greg for all you do to continue giving us what we need at blinding fast speeds.
  7. Thanks for all the responses so far. One guy got a message stating to ship the gun to Mach1 and they will bend the receiver cover straight.
  8. Not my picture man, so i don't know. I usually wear Puma socks as i have delicate piggies.
  9. The one i ordered is perfectly fine and is probably the finest example of craftsmanship to ever leave Russia. I asked the others for more pictures and if they send them i'll post em. They all say the same thing and that it's canted to the same side.
  10. I belong to another forum where several members have been reporting that their top rails are canted. I'd say the ratio is about 1/4th of those that ordered, so 5 out of 20. Those with canted rails placed orders with all the major online gun stores, so it's not specific to any store. I know in the past that Cadiz was the go-to (but no longer) for warrantee issues with the saiga 12. What are their options to fix the canted rail or canted sights?
  11. Advise when you get more Vepr12 mags in and i'll order some.
  12. should we put our forum names in the comment section?
  13. High five for making it work! Thanks for supporting the community!
  14. I'll buy all four if the deal falls through. Or two if one of the others falls through.
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