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  1. TacticalGenius

    MI AK Extended Railed Forend

    MI has it listed as an “extended universal handguard” but further digging shows that it will NOT work on a Yugo. Sorry.
  2. Midwest Industries extended picatinny rail forend for an AK 47/74. Should fit stamped & milled receivers. Comes with everything in the photo. Easy to mount. Just going a different direction with my Draco. It does have signs of use, so only asking $95 shipped. M.O. or bank/cashiers check only. Feel free to ask questions. ETA: NOT for Yugo AKs
  3. Selling my PA scope since I have no more x39 uppers to put it on. Light use, a few range trips and stand hunting. The caps broke in the deer stand since it was freezing and they are cheap, so they aren’t included. Functions fine and is a great scope, just no use for it or I would keep it. $200 to your door, MO or cashiers checks only. Sorry, no PayPal. Let me know what questions you have.
  4. TacticalGenius

    7.62x39 18" Nitride AR Upper For Sale

    $210 to your door. I’m well aware of prices right now. Doesn’t change what was paid for the items, especially since I don't deal in volume. And I if a complete upper for $375 shipped to your door that isn’t a bargain basement parts compilation is not what you’re in the market for, that’s fine. I know what I paid and what I need to get out of this upper so it doesn’t feel like I was bent over a fence on the sale. Just sayin’
  5. TacticalGenius

    6.5 Grendel variant

    Those points are all legitimate. I figured that mags would be commercially available if a rifle was produced, not a smart move marketing wise. Maybe I’ll turn my attention to the AR or Mini-action. If there isn’t much support for the rifle, it’ll just become an anomoly that may be worth something down the road, or a paperweight. Thanks for the info.
  6. AR15 upper in 7.62x39. 18" nitride KAK barrel and nitride BCG. MI SS Gen2 15" handguard. Burris Fullfield E1 2-7 scope included. Top rail covers and grip NOT included. Strike Industries charging handle, Anderson "Sport" Upper. Black Rifle Arms nitride bolt w/enhanced firing pin. Alpha Shooting Sports Nitride Carrier. Black River Tactical Linear Comp. Barrel holds 1"-1.25" with Factory Hornady SST ammo. Have too many x39's right now, need to "cull the herd". About 50 rds down the barrel. Have over $745 into the upper as it is. Asking $550 with scope, firm to your door. I also have a Primary Arms scope 1-6, 7.62x39 ACSS scope that I can send with the upper as well if you don't want the Burris. Rings won't be included with PA scope as it is 30mm. If no scope is wanted, upper by itself would be $375 to your door. I accept cashiers check and money order only, no paypal please. Feel free to ask questions.
  7. TacticalGenius

    6.5 Grendel variant

    Anybody here have one? What's your thoughts overall? What magazines does it use? In the search option, it appeared most people here weren't very receptive of a 6.5 in an AK platform. But, for some reason I keep turning back to this round, partially because Wolf makes some cheap ammo for it, but also because it appears to out perform 7.62x39 in a lot of ways and I wouldn't mind making this a deer rifle for up to 300 yards. I also really love the look of a VEPR. Yeah, I can get an AR in this caliber, but I really don't want to. I may also look at the Howa Mini-action as well. The CZ 527 American is beautiful and I would feel guilty lugging it through the Maine woods with me. The others, not so much. Thanks.
  8. TacticalGenius

    WTS 16" 7.62x39 "SOCOM" AR barrel

    Barrel gone
  9. Sorry, it isn't an ARP, but it is still a vey nice and particularly accurate barrel with Win Super-X 123gr SP ammo. (Bottom right group in the target photo). Sub-MOA with a 3-rd group. (Not 5rd as I was low on ammo and time). Only fired 26rds down the barrel. It is an Alpha Shooting Sports barrel, 16", 1:10 twist, mid-gas "Socom" profile. I haven't seen it on their website after I ordered it. I think they re-named it the "government" profile. Looking for $155 shipped, I paid $179 new plus shipping. I've already got the ARP x39 barrel and this is redundant for me. I take M.O., cashiers check and cash. Sorry, no PayPal. Feel free to ask questions. Cross posted.
  10. TacticalGenius

    WTS Type 56 SKS all matching

    Sold locally