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  1. Moved back to PA and got HAM license as well.

  2. I ran CHL classes in TX for a year.. Invest in good target frames (preferably ones without top center pieces as students will shoot the top cross rail out quick).. I used 2x4 frames but the top rails would be shot out in 2-4 classes if the targets weren't hung properly.. You'll need SANDBAGS for the target stands as the wind in TX is brutal (at least where I was). Unless your doing indoors. Get a Zee metal standard med kit for 25 people, then get some Israel bandages, Quikclok gauze, and Quikclot pkgs.. thats all you need.. Invest in scratch resistant 'glasses' for students
  3. Messing with CB's again.. got a Galaxy coming inbound..

  4. I've done 4 and then assisted a co-worker with his.. and then a VEPR 54.. After you've done it 1-2 times it gets easier for sure.. then how can you NOT do it.. LoL
  5. Carolina Shooters or Dinzag for lower retainer. AKM gas tube from them or Apex gun parts.. Thats where I got my new wood set..
  6. I used the $59 (on sale) from 199trust.. Tyler sends you a 14 page boiler-plate trust in LOCKED PDF with the NFA verbage. With nudging and lots of questions after purchase he will send you an unlocked WORD doc.. I've used mine 2x for SBR's thus far. I did edit to remove all the witness spots as TX doesn't require them and changed the 'list' layout to suit me. 2 spots to sign and notarize and your ready to go.
  7. @mike.. The standard Saiga is a decent rifle my brother in law in NJ has one and it sits as original with 10 round mag. I was going to suggest a 'conversion'.. but heard your in NY.. .. Hence the following EDIT.. **If you are in a BAN/STUPID state like NJ, NY, CA, etc.. do not do anything to your new Saiga.. it is ILLEGAL. **Some states you can't have 30 round mags (or even 20's).. You can't have pistol grips.. or threaded barrels.. **Check local laws for YOUR states restrictions. For others in the non-ban states.. remove the bottom plate.. buy parts from CSS (Caro
  8. Selling my newly assembled Spikes Punisher lower with Spikes LPK & new ALG QMS trigger MagPul CTR (mil-spec), MOE trigger guard with screw kit, MOE grip (all stealth gray), Tube (mil-spec) and Carbine Buffer. Bought to replace my mis-sorted NFA lower on way to engraver in FL (which was recovered a week later in PR). No money in bank and need to recoup funds.. Lower 48 only to FFL only (no direct sales via mail [yes.. I had someone ask]). Shipping from Van Horn, Texas 79855 with tracking. $259 shipped.. many positive sales on here (and +10 on arfcom and
  9. Other option is to run the DIE loose on the 1st pass.. then tighten down abit after you get the threads started.. also make sure the TAT is not bottoming out on the muzzle face.. that will PULL the threads and ruin the last few threads.. (ask me how I know)..
  10. Its recommended to thread the barrel and not use the M26 on the end as its on the FSB and may not be 'trued' to the barrel. Its a YHM Phantom M2 Stainless model in 762.
  11. To the OP.. Attachments go at the last page.. not during the 'item' page.. some do it on the item page.. the directions as I were told say on the 'last' page that allows uploads. Just an FYI note.. nice plans and items here as well guys/gals.. Just did my 2nd SBR (this one was and 11.5" AR15, last one was a M92PV)
  12. 2nd SBR stamp Eform approved.. this one was only 40 days.. :)

    1. BigChongus


      That's what I like to hear. Hopefully I'll be sending mine by the end of the month.

  13. Class 3 SOT came in just 2 weeks.. then notice they F'd the EIN number.. ughh.

    1. evlblkwpnz


      The instructions for handling that are fairly straight-forward. Just be thankful you don't have to deal with the DDTC.

    2. JESS1344





      JUS' SAYIN'.....



    3. paprotective


      Good news.. fixed via a phone call and email Monday.. new SOT going out in Wednesday batch..

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