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  1. What kind of gas work did you have to do for it to cycle birdshot with the short barrel? I'm lopping mine to 12" soon.
  2. If you call and speak with jake I think he would knock $10 off to price match Atlantic.
  3. What I can say from the dealers side, Most silencerco distributors have the salvo mounts for saiga / vepr in stock now. Better news, with the way that the salvo is designed I don't foresee an issue using the factory threads as long as they're close to being concentric. I will be chopping my vepr 12 barrel down to 12" and adding a salvo in its 8" configuration somewhat soon. I work for the largest silencer dealer in the southeast and speaking from real world use, the salve is AWESOME!
  4. Thanks. It's cross posted on a local forum and arfcom so I don't expect it to last long. Only reason for letting it go is to help offset the v-12 I just picked up. Lol
  5. slostang

    Heads up guys

    Local shop in town just got a shipment of v-12's in stock. They are all folders, not fixed like pictured. http://www.quietriotfirearms.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=VPR-8225
  6. Been looking at those. A local shop here has them for $169. Also been looking hard at the spectre 2 since I get silencerco stuff cheap.
  7. ^ which can did you go with? Been looking at a .22 can for my next one
  8. A little supressed HK action. 1 of 1000 HK45T with fde frame and octane 45hd.
  9. Yep. 4 months 11 days. It was E-Filed
  10. Dammit. This thread makes me regret getting rid of my s-12, and makes me want to buy a v-12 even more. Ugh.
  11. 4 months 11 days. E-Filed 2-4-14 and approved / received 6-15-14. Picture was taken on my dealers table when purchased.
  12. 1. NFA Item: Supressor / SWR Octane 45 HD 2. Form Type: Form 4 3. Transferee Type: Trust 4. Form 4 Sent: 02/04/2014 5. Delivered: 02/04/2014 6. Check Cashed: 02/04/2014 7. Pending Date: 02/04/2014 8. Approved Date: 06/15/2014 9. Form 4 Received: 06/15/2014 10. Picked up from Dealer: 06/16/2014 11. Examiner Name: Ted clutter This thing is silly quiet. Especially wet...
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