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  1. Greetings. I've got a converted Saiga w this forearm, which I think contributes to it weighing 8 lbs, 2 ozs. Plus it doesn't look very cool, which is super important. Something like this would certainly look cooler, and I'm assuming will be lighter, but will it get hot? I may add a magpul angled foregrip but have never used one so not sure. While I'm not a fan of the looks of the current handguard, I do like that I can get my hand as far forward as I can, and that it doesn't get super hot from just one or two mag dumps like others I've read about -- not that I'm really a mag dump kinda guy. No
  2. I used this a few days ago. Was ridiculously easy, and I'm not very mechanically inclined. I didn't install the bullet guide as I'd already paid someone else to do that part (that went beyond my comfort level).
  3. I think you are correct. I just took it all apart, paid more attention to that, and put it back together. Issue seems resolved. I actually got really lucky by doing all of this, as I realized the front river that holds the hammer in place wasn't through the bolt hold open. Thanks!
  4. Greetings. Just did my first conversion for a friend. Stupid easy thing to do. Had no idea . Anyways, after everything was put back together we realized the rivet that holds the trigger in place isn't all the way flush, and we cant get it all the we flush either. I'm concern that this thing will wiggle outward during firing. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a non-issue? Thanks!
  5. This is something I was wondering, as it makes a lot of sense.
  6. By "both" do you mean tame muzzle flip as well as suppress flash?
  7. Thanks, but i know he wants to stay with a flash hider as opposed to a brake.
  8. Greetings. So with the help of you folks I was able to thread a friends barrel recently on a partially converted saiga. I say "partially" because it takes AK mags, but the rear of the gun only has a tapco type stock with the trigger in its original place. So we went to shoot the rifle yesterday and I noticed a fair amount of muzzle rise and a lot of time in between shots. Now keep in mind Im more of a pistol guy and have no formal rifle training other than stance and keeping the elbows down tight, and the owner doesnt have much more than that. All said we got wondering what (in additio
  9. Returned the POS die, got one from CNC, worked without a hitch. Thanks to all!
  10. Hey I really appreciate it SH! However, if this finally goes OK I may do another in a couple weeks. That said I'm just going to purchase one from CNC this weekend. Thanks again!
  11. I'm certainly not above admitting to human error if that's in fact the case. I'll see about a vice to rule that out as the gun moving is certainly a possibility. More questions: If I make a few turns, at what point will I want to unscrew it to see if I'm making threads or just doing more damage to my barrel? I keep unscrewing it to see how things are going. I assume I'm not stripping threads so long as I don't pull it straight off, right? Here is a pic of my die. Wagnikov mentioned one side is usually tapered, but as you see in the pic both side of mine are. I know it's custom to work
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