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  1. Jetmech, thanks for the info and the encouragement to do the work. I'm pretty good with wood, but I'm mechanically challenged. The first time I removed the gas block and redrilled the gas ports, I guessed-a-mated .093 as 5/64s which didn't help. So then I actually did the math and found out it should be just under 3/32s, which is what I hopefully reamed it out to. With the original gas plug back in, on #1 setting high brass works 100% and on #2 low brass is mid 90s%. So now I'm a happy camper since this is mainly a home defense shotgun and I will be using high brass shotshells.
  2. Took it out this morning, with the original gas plug #1 setting it was 100% with high brass. On #2 setting it was somewhere in the mid 90%s. All in all, I'm a happy camper. Since this is more for home defense, I'll be using high brass ammo, and it was working great. Thanks Jetmech for your info on gas port size. It sure made the difference, and although it was a little scarey to start the work, it really wasn't that hard to do.
  3. I read your original post for .093 and before I did the math I guessed-a-mated that to be 5/64s and that was what I drilled out (the original gas ports were right at 1/16th so I just went up one drill bit). I figured I can always remove more metal, I just can't replace any if I over drilled. Actually it's just under 3/32s and hopefully that is what I reamed it out to be the second time. I'm pretty good with wood, but I'm mechanically challenged. Thanks again for your help and patience.
  4. OK, back from the range. Still not cycling low brass, BUUUUTTTT, at lest now it is stove-piping low brass and high brass works like a champ. So I removed the gas block again and reamed out the gas ports a little larger. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the range again tomorrow. Its looking better each time.
  5. Well I knocked off the gas block and opened up the gas ports a little. I just drilled it one size bigger, I didn't want to make them too big. Also I did polish the rails and bolt carrier. Going out to the range later. We'll see what happens. I want to thank everybody for all the advise. Just wondering, if this is such a common problem, why isn't it fixed at the factory? Are Russian shotshells more powerful then ours? Surely they have a quality control department. Anyway, thanks again everybody.
  6. I'm in San Angelo, not exactly close to Houston. Wish I was next door. I'd appreciate any other advice you may have. I'm not real comfortable with my skill level to get involved with actually taking anything apart. I'm not bad at taking things apart, its the putting all the parts back where and the way they belong that kicks my ass.
  7. Well I replaced the stock plug, which made no difference. Low brass wont feed or eject on #1 setting and the high brass stove pipes on the first and fifth round, but cycles the middle three just fine. Put the Tac-47 plug back in and same results. Used a dental pick on the three gas ports, and they seem fine. As reliable as my AKMs are, I just wasn't expecting this kind of trouble with this shotgun. Sooo I will try polishing the rails and anything else that might help. Hate to think that my Saiga-12 will end up a safe queen until the big sale. Can anybody recommend a good gunsmith that
  8. Some shells were Wally World, but some were Federal. I just bought a carton of Remington for tomorrow. Hopefully have better luck. I did back the plug to the detent. I watched the U-tube on installing and adjusting the Tac-47 plug. Serial Nr. X12 so it must be a new shotgun. I'll try the Rem shells and if they don't work any better, I'll replace the old plug back in. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.
  9. Took my new Saiga 12 to the range yesterday. to say I was disappointed would be an under statement. Prior to yesterday I cycled the bolt 300 or more times to help break it in. I also added a Tac-47 gas plug. Following the instructions after each shot, I adjusted the screw 1/2 turn until it bottomed out and it still wont cycle low brass shot shells. I've only put 80 rounds out so far (5 high brass that worked great) 75 low brass with only about 1/3 of them even begining to exit the chamber, the rest staying chambered. Being a new auto shotgun, I wont get too exicted until I put another 200
  10. Its one of the toughest things in life, losing a best friend. Lost my little girl in Feb. to cancer, still get misty eyed thinking of her.
  11. Nobody knows how to remove the lower hand guard??????
  12. I have a converted Saiga-12 that has the AKM style upper and lower hand guards in the Tapco black plastic. I want to replace them with a set of wooden hand guards from Ironwood. The upper hand guard looks like a standard AK twist off, but the lower hand guard is something else. Is it necessary to remove that whole front part (gas block) and all??? And what is actually invloved in removing it?? I would hate to damage anything just to put on some wood.
  13. I just got a converted Saiga-12, and am thinking about putting a Burris Fast Fire III red dot scope on it. It's main purpose is for home defense and I want a quick target acquisition. So does anybody have any experience with a red dot scope on your Saiga? How well do they stand up to the recoil of a 12 gauge?
  14. Thanks guys, ordered 4 from keep shooting.
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