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  1. Well, I will be headed up top in the morning. Our camp is aprox.7,500ft. elevation, so, not too high up, but good Elk/Mule deer country. We set up Elk camp hopefully by noon. Opening weekend of rifle season can be a bit tough, with so many hunters out, but my spirits are high. I've got a decent 12'x14' wall tent w/wood stove, so we have a nice base camp. I don't need to be back to work until Wednesday, so 4 solid days will hopefully yield an elk. We have all manner of critter about...Elk, mule deer, whitetail, and grouse, all of which, we have tags for, and Black bear, Grizzlies, Wolves, Moo
  2. This was about 20 miles east of Great Falls. Beautiful area, but windy as all Git-out!!
  3. Police are civilians and are obliged to follow the same rules as everyone else.......suck it up copper.
  4. Not really practicing, but we hunt private ranch land, and I'm getting better at patterning the Antelope, to predict where they run to for safety, and being in the right spot, before they get there.
  5. Another Antelope hunt in the books. I got this Doe while she was on the move at 250 yards, and she really did "drop like a sack of bricks!" The Lady and I heard the "Thwap" when I hit her, but she dropped so fast that we actually thought that maybe I missed, as the herd ran off. We walked to the spot and there she was, dead as a door nail. Got her at the top of the shoulders and severed the spine. A good clean kill with minimal meat loss. We got pretty close to them, this time. Last year was a 300yd shot and the season before was 420yds. I'm getting better at my stalking of Antelope. I used my
  6. HA!!! the first calibers to disappear "in a pinch" are the military ones!!! .223/5.56 , .308, and 7.62x39!! 30-06 is Literally Everywhere, and is the most common ammo you see. If you go hunting and lose/forget ammo, you can go to any store or gas station and find 30-06. You will NOT see .308. Also hunting rounds are cheaper in 30-06, than all other hunting calibers, be it , .270, .308(not impressed with hunting) .7mm, .243, and so on. If you are hunting, my 25 years experience shooting big game tells me that the 30-06 is the best over-all, round with a wide range of bullet weights. I have used
  7. I hit the 12' steel plate at 100 yds with my snub nose .38 special, and my .44 mag. it's not amazing, it's just called Practice. I"ve shot with old timers who hit steel plates a lot farther than that with .44 mags. Silhouette shooting.
  8. Did a nice drive over mountain passes, on highways, and got 14mpg.....about what I'd expect. 55-65mph into the wind, and 60-80mph with the wind at my back. we did a sweet bicycle ride on the "Hiawatha trail" old railroad line.....look it up on Google. Sweet easy ride when you bring beer and whiskey.
  9. I guess, now it's officially my hunting/fishing rig......Fishing from the rig with my half doors.
  10. Seems like a lot of good info here, so what it comes down to, is, What are you using the rifle for???? That will determine what particular caliber is right for you.
  11. A big thing I noticed with .308, is that as a NATO caliber, and common on "scary black guns" is that it is closely tied to the semi auto, scary gun crowd and thusly becomes scarce and expensive every time a Gun Grab scare or Ban scare happens.....too expensive and hoarded when people panic. Here in Montana, I can buy 30-06 at most any gas station for about a buck a round. Numbers on paper and perceived energy levels are a totally different thing than actually hunting/killing and then getting to actually see the damage, by gutting the animal. I have not witnessed the performance of the .308 a
  12. I have hunted big game in Montana for many years, I love the 30-06. I have never been as impressed with the .308 round. It's a military round made to be "Good enough" to terminate a Human life, not anything as big as an Elk or Moose. I've had .308 bullets not exit a deer on broadside shots, so, had I not made a heart shot, it could have ran, without leaving any blood trail. Also, 30-06 ammo is Everywhere. If you lose, or forget your ammo, no problem, buy it anywhere. As for the 300 win mag, you had better have a tough shoulder, and reload your own ammo, or you're looking at (at least) $3 eve
  13. Test run camping weekend went well. Got out of the forest fire smoke, by going to a mountain lake. Up at about 8,500ft, elevation. 4wd worked great, and nothing fell off or apart.
  14. I needed a Dog ramp to get my big dogs in the rig, so I made one. 3 hours of beer drinking and building. Folds out to 8' long. Bought the supplies at a local reclaimed material supply store, for a total of $5.60. Not too bad. I had old entry mat carpeting to use already. It will need a support board underneath, to keep the weight off of the hinges, but that's fine. Bird season is days away, and even though the dogs are senior citizens, I like to let them waddle of limp, and retrieve a grouse or two, to keep them feeling young. Gotta show the love to my hunting buddies. Wally has bad knees, b
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