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  1. I use good targets, a decent vest with plates. Sturdy target frames and tons of foamies, and cheap durable eye protection. We also use a range flag to inform the shooters as well as others that the range is hot. We also use the word Red Light as the key phrase to freeze in place. At one point the term cease fire was used but some folks when they hear the fire part of cease fire just loose they're minds and fire. If you have someone who is trained in CPR/first aid have them be your range safety officer. They don't handle any firearms, they just watch for safety issues. If you can afford i
  2. So, I run the M10 in 7.62. Now the only complaint I have is that the side optics mount sits a little higher then the traditional mount. I was looking at the RS Regulate 311 mount but that damn thing is 120 bucks. I am a little frugal so I am looking for something that will give me the same lower profile over the dust cover that it does. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Anyone have any ideas how that extended magwell is attached to the receiver?
  4. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/05/facebook-gun-policy/6074229/ Now I don't use it much, mostly to keep in contact with old military buddies, but as of now I've closed my account and am gently telling my friends to do the same. This is my own personal opinion, and I don't demand my friends follow me lock step, but for me, no thank you.
  5. April 19th 1775. I wonder how the locals felt about those crazy colonists?
  6. With advances in polymer these days I would trust my life to mapgul mags. They have always worked for me. I've dropped them, kicked them, pulled them from mud and snow and they always take more. Twenty round tanker mags is just what the doctor ordered.
  7. I am soooo excited....truly....20 round magpul tanker mags? Yes please.
  8. Well, its happened. Magpul is now producing 5.45 mags that will only cost 13 bucks. I wonder if we will start seeing an uptick in perhaps U.S. made 5.45 rifles and maybe a domestic production of 5.45 ammo. Presently the cost of 5.45 ammo at least where I live is pretty damn expensive.
  9. Remember when people of color protest and occupy its considered justified. Case in point the occupation of Minneapolis 4th precinct for weeks. Or the storming of the mall of america last year and again this year. When whites do it, its considered racist.
  10. Center mass period. When in doubt and if you have the actual skill, go failure to stop. Two center mass and one to the head. Even if they are wearing some sort of body armor on they're head just the shear impact of a round to the head with stagger them. But, if your talking home defense then always no matter what go center mass. If you survive the encounter the very first call should be to your lawyer then 911.
  11. Wait what? Where did I say that I could not physically bend the lever? My question was if that might solve the problem, not on weather on not I am able too.
  12. I have a M10. To me the safety lever seems very very tight. I have seen guys manipulate they're safety with one finger but on mine it takes a concentrated effort to do so. I have watched a few videos but to be frank I'm not fond of bending the lever out to see "if" that solves the problem. What do you folks recommend.
  13. You like the hogue grips? Are the ak hogue hand guards any good?
  14. I agree, i did get a little worked up. We all see things differently, sometimes that's hard to accept. And I agree....AK>AR...to me at least.
  15. I dont think they have changed it since you last tried it sadly. I have gone the minimalist route and am presently trying to lighten my M10. Once I ditch the UTG metal quad rail I will dump the tapco stock and swap it out with the Arch Angel. I don't know nearly enough about ATI stocks to even consider them at this point and Fab Def is out of my price range.
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