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    I'm a aircraft mechanic for Boeing, and i used to be a custom home builder, so i love to build things. I also love to draw, paint, and sculpt.

    Recently my cousin got me interested in customizing my guns, this forum has been very helpful in learning to customize my saiga.

    None :'( all lost at sea
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    20160723 091447

    I'm kicking around some more ideas, I might get some laser engraving done.
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    Thailand 2013

    The ladyboys were further away. My "skirt" is a towel, I'm not sure what it's for... Blood maybe
  4. Just so you guys know the doors to the lavatories and crew sleeping area and flight deck all have a hidden way to unlock them without a key. We use them daily while building the interiors (except the flight deck door its not installed in my position)
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    reputable gunsmith

    I know a guy in woodenville area if you still need a smith
  6. I think that concept has merit, but getting the 2 pieces lined up correctly and tightly with that type of fastener would be challenging. The plastic is most likely not as forgiving as wood. I did just have another thought based on sort of the same idea. He could fill the stocks (with JB Weld, fiberglass resin, whatever) at their ends thick enough to accept a counter bore (if they're not solid already), run a thread rod between the 2 parts, install a nut in the counter bore, line everything up, torque the exterior nuts, trim the rod off, fill the counter bores and use whatever filler to smooth the transition and add strength. This will be a fun project to see happen. I think I'd still take the easy way out and just make something out of wood that is already 1 piece. Funny you should mention that,it was my plan to run a bolt through the middle and bond the pieces. I took the gun that I plan to do this to out yesterday. I had just put the bigger scope, the one you see in the picture on and hadn't zeroed it yet. I couldn't see where my shots went to adjust, it was embarrassing. I barrowed my buddies mosin and used his iron sight and hit the paper every time. Anyway maybe not all my improvements are improvements.
  7. I work for Boeing and specifically on the 777 line, we build -200's, -300's, and freighters. This whole story has been a on going debate at work. I hope whatever caused the plane to come up missing wasn't structural, if it was the black box should still be transmitting.
  8. When you use acetone do you lightly paint it on and let it sit for like an hour to soften up? The company website says the plastic they use is chemical resistant... Then again some of the keytone I use at work is very strong we call it mpk (I work for bieing)
  9. Thank you. I think you sold me on the idea of trying out jb weld. I was planning on whatever I used to bond the pieces being just a secondary method of attachment. The first will be bolting them together, using the two together should make a really strong bond. Im not too worried about the hack job look, in that im confident in my ability to make it look nice, I just didn't want to attach it in a ugly way is what I meant. *edit I contacted atigunstocks and asked them what I can used to bond to them. I'm currious what they will recommend.
  10. I've never used jb weld before and just assumed it was for metal. I might have to test that out I have a spare piece of stock that should be the same material. I just dont want to hack up a good stock and find out what I did wont work. I aslo don't want to make my work look like a total hack job
  11. I have been wanting to chop down a ati Monte Carlo stock and attach a Mossberg one to the back. Im worried there isn't enough meat for one bolt to hold it all together So do you guys think pvc glue would bond them? Or if you know of another product that would work, what is it?
  12. Well while I was in Cambodia I picked this up * damn it to large to load... Snake wine
  13. Salt1219

    New WA SBR bill is here: WRITE YOUR REPS

    they are unlikely to actually read the bill anyway