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  1. Would this work? http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-78/Surefire-SGM-Tacitcal-Tri-dsh-rail/Detail
  2. The place where I bought this gun is "researching options". I called them to notify them that their sales person mis informed and assured me that this gun would accept all aftermarket S12 parts including the quad rails etc. they said they thought it would too, but would educate their people based on what they find from their "research". Let's hope this bears some fruit. Legion does not answer calls, nor do they reply to the copious emails. Nice!!
  3. Thats what i thought, but The AK/Galil style hand guard is not sturdy enough for the stress of mounting and using a vertical fore grip. Even with support. Since there is nothing else that I have found readily available aftermarket, I am looking for other feasible alternatives.
  4. Thanks for the input and suggestions. I have to come up with something. Are these gas systems that new or unusual that there are no aftermarket accessories (readily available anyway) for it? It seems custom is my only option, aside from parking this gun in the back of my safe. I wish it was as easy as altering an AK aftermarket hand guard or rail system to accommodate the barrel size so as to allow a fore grip. If I had the means and ability, I'd give it a try.
  5. Saigatechusa had a gas " restore" where you had a small under barrel rail post conversion. Way too far forward for me. My particular situation requires a the minimum an under railed hand guard. It seems I am mutted between the 30/40 style with the larger boxier block for the AK style flip sights. I just don't have a mag well and can use the regular S12 mags. I thought I was getting a gun fully compatible with current aftermarket parts. The "as long as you don't get the maxwell version your good to go" is apparently a very costly mislead.
  6. I was under the impression the mod 30's & 40's were the only ones "different" due to some inherent changes and mag well, but that mine was just top end of the non mag well variety. Since mine is not 109 style, will a IZ109 work with the Chaos quad rail?
  7. Other than the SN, Saiga-12, CANTA-12, made in russia by IZHMASH, 12/76 & 18,3. The rest is in symbols and import marks. Ie: letter P inside of a oblong large C with a bold T to its immediate right. Just underneath is an M then an X that looks stamped over a V or an arrow, followed by 3. (MX3). Directly next to that is a large circle with two sideways M's with an arrow pointing up with two fins. No clue what this all means. If I end up loving these fine toys as you all, I soon will. I would love another Saiga, but don't see myself parting with this one. I am
  8. I have a Saiga12 (Legion Import) S12 that I am unable to get a Tri or quad rail forfend for due to size and shape of gas block tube. It has a 2 position gas dial in front, an ak style flip rear sight, and a hinged rear cover with permanent rail attached. Conversion completed p/t purchase. I have very limited grip in my hands due to a spinal cord injury after breaking my neck in 2010, and have to have a forward pistol type grip to be able to hold the gun, which I presently only have a rear pistol grip. I wanted the Chaos rail with HK type sights, but unfortunately none will fit, per Cameron fro
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