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  1. These sold about a week ago. I just remembered that I had them posted here too.
  2. I've got one that I think was from a .223 or x39..... Not sure if it would fit a .308 but I'd sell it for that. (Shipped)
  3. Thanks bro. Out of all the stuff I've sold lately, you are the only one who left me any feedback. I returned the favor.
  4. A flawless transaction! I'd do business with him again. Great communication and fast payment.
  5. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="DrGonZo" data-cid="894629" data-time="1366829224"><p> I'll take the tapco warsaw length buttstock if still available. PM me where to send MO please.</p></blockquote> SPF to DrGonZo
  6. You have dibs.....waiting for PM... SPF to Jeluvsk One SPF to superhawk138
  7. No, sorry. It's plastic. I edited the ad. I don't use rails so I'm really not sure....unless you're referring to the length?
  8. Great stuff my friend! My 13 year old son has just taken an interest in weapons.
  9. All prices include shipping (USPS) to CONUS. I prefer PayPal gift option (no fees) Trades considered for Promag S12 mags, Promag S.308 mags, Tapco (AK not Saiga) collapsible stock in black. PM's are ok for questions but an "I'll take it" gets it. Leftover S.308 trigger parts including BHO $5.00 Tapco sling attachment $5.00 Polymer rails, rail covers and sling loops $10.00 (SOLD) Ribbed AK dust cover $20.00 S12 thread protector (plastic) $2.50 S12 phantom brake/flashider $25.00 (SOLD) AK/SKS/SAIGA cleaning-tool kits $5.00 each( 4 left ) AMD-65 grips $10.00 per pair.
  10. I'd buy one. I'd also break it in hard and if anything is going to happen it would happen then. But I don't think it will. I'm guessing this is a decent copy of the Russian beast. It's a little oddball.....but so was the Saiga when we first seen it.
  11. These haven't generated the interest that I thought they would. I'm no longer interested in trades but I have reduced my asking price to $600. Listed locally on craigslist as well...
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