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  1. What is this post with Asian writing that puts 300 to 500 emails in my box almost every night I'm not following it eather!
  2. tim2shu

    1st Saiga 12, what do I have??

    Looks like a saiga 12ga not factory muzzle break or stock
  3. Have a DPM recoil reduction system for a Walther P99 full size PPQ PPQM2 or PPQ Q5 match for sale 70$ cost 85$
  4. tim2shu

    MI AK Extended Railed Forend

    Well this fit a yugo
  5. tim2shu

    For sale or trade Remington RP9

    260 each or 500 for both
  6. Have 2 Remington RP9. 2, 18rd mags and 3 back straps for grip new in bow 280$ each or 550$ for both or trade for 300 black out pistol.
  7. Stamped AK rifles Standard ak or will it fit a Yugo
  8. Anyone know why my messages with robertparker999 have been removed ?
  9. how much for the stock and is it damaged any
  10. tim2shu

    NFA Trust

    Gearhog has them right now for 59$