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  1. Don't go shooting your coolers before you get the real story.
  2. Classic is auctioning one off, bids are more than $1700 last I looked. Hell, mine's worth more than that one.
  3. Cool. I have does in my yard every day about 4:00. My 4 year old grandson and our fiest dog walked across the yard last week when the dog took off and jumped a buck and a doe.
  4. Chile, are you using wild cherry that has the small black inedible cherries? I've never cooked with it but have been cutting a lot of it around the house to burn in campfires
  5. Brietbart has a pic of the crazy basterd, an athiest who hated church and thought Christians were crazy, Bernie supporter, antifa supporter
  6. I have two phones, one paid off and one costing $25 a month with 20 gig with rollover. If I cut it to 6 or 8 gigs its only $10 cheaper.
  7. I'm going to check around got to find something else. AT&T has bad service in my area and lots of dropped calls and doing the can you hear me now dance.
  8. I use AT&T and even with corporate discounts thru work my wife and I pay $160 a month. This really burns my ass to no end that a damn phone costs like a boat or motorcycle payment each month and nobody nowadays can do without it. Direct TV is another one, if not for a handful of channels and college football I would hook the antenna back up and have about 20 channels. At least I could get caught up on reruns of Sanford and Son or Hogans Heroes.
  9. I like Tobasco on BBQ sandwiched with mustard slaw, Crystal and Louisiana and Franks all about the same like generic hot sauces you find at the Dollar store or big store brands, all good. Sriracha good to cook with like BBQ beans or on sardines or viennas and crackers.
  10. Yuengling in a bottle, just waiting for Sam Adams Oktoberfest on tap at local restaurant. Yuengling has a Oktoberfest in bottles I've yet to try.
  11. We bought a 26' Forrest River Catalina with rear living room and front queen bedroom, trying it out this weekend.
  12. My wife wants a female German Shepherd to keep inside, whenever the little ankle biter kicks the bucket.
  13. Did anyone catch the tribute to Gregg on the CMT Awards with Jason Aldean and others doing Midnight Rider? Derek Trucks was playing Duane's Goldtop Gibson.
  14. I'm looking at campers, getting ready to retire in a few years and we want one to travel some. Looked at a new Kodiak 24' bunkhouse for 21K yesterday but probably a 2 or 3 year old used one would fit the budget better.
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