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  1. i live in medford and you can open carry i see people doing it all the time.the other day i seen a guy walking down central with an ar on his back no issues.
  2. red308

    maadi crutch folder kit finished

    219$ i believe from atlantic
  3. red308

    Catamount fury tear down and review

    like 300$ sounds good
  4. I have a bear ranger right hand recurve bow that i am wanting to sell 100$ or trade for some x39 saiga conversion parts bolt on handgaurd retainer,bullet guide and some 30 round mags or make me an offer i will take paypal with 3%
  5. price drop to 50$ i pay shipping
  6. wtt rpk handguard and pistol grip. these are new Russian surplus the pistol grip is a brownish purple.I would like to trade for ak wood stock set any condition as long as i can refinish it or 50.00 and i pay for shipping plus 3% for paypal. feel free to make offer
  7. I just picked up a Saiga x39 today for 550$ brand new 2013 model. beats a WASR any day imo
  8. red308

    Catamount fury tear down and review

    i felt like at some point it would fall apart in my face.
  9. red308

    Catamount fury tear down and review

    i paid 700$ for the gun plus 45$ for the transfer and 35$ shipping for a total of 780$ and i lucked out imo and sold it for 650$ and yes i am excepting donations!