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  1. "passion in the ass" sounds a little personal Yeah, I don't think he's doing it right... or maybe he his...
  2. Mine are pretty simple to break down and clean but I was wondering what you guys have had that were just a pain to take apart and put back together. I'm pretty sure the military guys and those with exotics have had some headaches.
  3. tobafa

    Custom Gun Rail Cover

    I found this at http://shop.customgunrails.com/main.sc They have this a lot of other covers. Very cool...
  4. This is in my front closet should I be too far from a firearm.
  5. Thanks for the input. Going to find one on ebay, etc and experiment.
  6. Has anyone thought about adding rails to the existing stock by filling in the grooved/textured sides with a hardening filler compound such as a bondo-like substance (not actual bondo, wouldn't hold up) and adding the rails after sanding and appropriate paint? Kind of a frugal/white trash approach, however just wondering if it has been done. Did a Google + whatever you are looking for + Saiga forum and didn't find anything.
  7. The odd thing is, I looked at a ton of posts about FTE and never saw anything about the rails. I only knew about this when I mentioned my frustration after porting. Glad you guys are here to help!
  8. I found it hard to believe my rail was causing the FTE's even after I ported but it turns it did. Had a cheapo Phoenix rail and after I took it off, no issues. What rail would you guys suggest? Looking at the Chaos aluminum rail but am open to others.
  9. Thanks for the imput. Going to try the stock rail and see where to go from there.
  10. Here's mine. Plan on working on the polishing and possible hammer work next. Here's the set up.
  11. Nothing polished yet. Just a basic tri-rail and don't recall the make/model. Would the rail make any difference? I've read the Saiga can be a little picky, but the tri-rail?
  12. I have a 4 port Saiga purchased from another person. It cycled ok with low recoil buck and nil with target loads (as usual) and perfect with the heavy loads. I, like others, tried everything else (MD Arms V plug, low recoil spring, performance puck, and Autogas plug) and after reading up and watching video after video, I took it apart and drilled out the ports with a 3/32 bit. I cleaned it and put it all back together and with a small amount of optimism, I went out shot it. It's like I didn't change a thing-zero difference. It was converted by Legion and I added a tri rail, a Mini Monster
  13. That cracked me up... the all-time multi purpose bag....
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