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  1. Is it possible to use a drop in trigger on a unconverated Saiga?
  2. Kimber hicap has 14 rounds of hot shit in it.
  3. HOY COW! This was a great transaction,very easy to deal with and talk about fast shipping I think he might own the postal delievery service! thanks again weaponx
  4. I have not found ammo that my Saiga woill not shoot.It seems to like 62gr the best so that is what I load.Enjoy the weapon and shoot it a lot
  5. WOW I guess I am the only one that would never sell my Kimber.Rock solid ,great accuracy never had a jam or any problems.But the best deal that I have seen is thr STI Spartan.Under $700 and super accurate {mine comes in tomarrow] But I still love my Kimber and will probly continue to carry it.Hard to find anything better that holds 14 rounds.
  6. Like what some of the others have said Dillion is the only press you buy once.No cost for parts that break and the best service in the industry.
  7. Went to the range with my shooting buddy.He is current military res. and one hell of a rifle shooter.He owns a Bushmaster that he is all ga-ga over and thinks it is the greatest rifle to ever grace this Earth.Well he went home with his tale between his legs and scratching his head.He has just recieved an ass beating from a Siaga. The winds were blowing at about20-30 from the west he was having a real hard time shooting Wolf lucky if his groups stayed within 2 to 3 inches.I was shooting my own reload of a 62 gr bullet and kept my group within 1to 2 inches. We were shooting at 150 yards.So I am
  8. Clean? What is this clean you speak of? If my weapons don't work dirty I have no use for them. Usually every fourth or fifth trip to the range.
  9. Try calling Ohio Rapid Fire.That is where I got mine for a good price.They treat you really well and know their stuff.
  10. Blackdog, The 62gr are ss109 I bought 3000 and go thru qiute a few in a year.My gun is 20" barrel,the powder charge that works best in my gun is 24.5 grains.I also full length resize the brass as I also use it in my ar-15.I am also going to try using H4198 it should take a less powder charge and maybe give the same results.
  11. Blackdog, Ihave good luck using Benchmark and a 62 grain bullet.I am getting 1 1/2 groups at 100 yards.I also checked with my gunsmith who also reloads and he said I should have no problems doing your mod.Which I went ahead and did now my brass loads easy just like the brass for my Ar-15.
  12. that is the same way my primers look with the winchester brand
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