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  1. Can the Saiga .223 be converted to except AK magizines? If so could someone point me in the direction for this conversion? Thanx
  2. I was planning on purchasing a Saiga .223. I like the weapon, it is inexpensive and I like the simplicity of the AK style system. I was at "my" gun store and the owner got a couple in his afternood delivery. We opened them up and the first one would would not seat the 10 rd or an aftermarket 30 round mag. I had this problem on a couple of mags for my AK. The next rifle was the same but after a little play they finally worked. My question(s) are 1- has anyone had this type of problem, 2-instead of receasing all of the mags we though about taking a dremil and taking a little off of the to
  3. I have several AKs and a little 7.62x39 laying around; love them. I want to pick up a .223 just to have one. Dont want to spend the money on the AR so I started looking at the Saiga. I figured it has the same basic operating principals as the AK which makes it pretty reliable. Just looking for some comments on the platform. Are any of the parts interchangeable with the AK? Pro's / Cons on the conversion or the tapco pistol grip without going through the conversion. I was actually just wanting to put a harris bipod on it with a scope. I noticed that the mags are pretty expensive but hea
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