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  1. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    great writeup and pics, thank you!
  2. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    I would argue that you can just slap on a heavy barrel and expect improvements in group size. If the quality of the barrels are on par with each other, the heavy barrel will be an improvement. It won't give you a tackdriver but it's a step in the right direction.
  3. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    dude, thats nearly 1/2 - MOA !
  4. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    IF you are deciding which to convert, the heavy barreled models will not readily accept any hand guard retainer I know of. You options are much more limited swapping barrel parts because of the barrel dimensions (really it's a medium-weight barrel profile, being half way between standard AKM and the RPK's heavy weight barrel- it shares dimensions with the Saiga .308 ONLY AFAIK).
  5. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    YodaMaadi, thank you for the pics... Now I must have one.
  6. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    WOW, unbelieveable. How did heavy barreled saigas sneak into the country like this? No hype or even advertising on the new model. The dimensions seem to fall short of RPK barrel dimensions, but is still a heavy barrel as far as AK's are concered. I guess those are Saiga-308 barrel parts repurposed. Very interesting. ROMANIAN RPK PATTERN BARREL: Chamber .908" (23mm w/ .003 - .006" press fit) Rear Sight Base .884" (22.45mm w/ .003 - .004" press fit) Handguard Retainer .863" 8.0938" (8 3/32") / 205.58mm from breech face Cleaning Rod Retainer .756" 15.6875" (15 11/16") / 398.46mm from breech face Gas Block .789" (20mm w/ .003 - .004" press fit) Front Sight Base/Bipod Base ?"
  7. JK-47

    20" barreled 5.45x39mm rifle? seen on yet?

    Wow, that is awesome news. I just assumed Classic was using the wrong picture (again). Does any one have a pic of one of these elusive and rare H-Bar Saiga's the wild?
  8. I just saw 20" barreled 5.45 rifles listed on the Classic Arms website. Has anyone seen one in person yet? This is the first I've heard that a 20" barreled version even exists.
  9. JK-47

    Cutting down a 22" barrel...

    18" is the federal minimum length for a shotgun barrel to be legal. Any shorter and it is considered a "short barreled shotgun" and is illegal to own/make without a tax stamp.
  10. JK-47

    Silver solider gas block on?

    I have no idea, though it certainly sounds like the wrong way. I guess if solder does not block the gas port you might be ok. Then again, the gas block should be easily replaced by most AKM pattern gas blocks, that'd be my recommendation.
  11. all this Teflon / PTFE talk sounds like bullshit to me. If you are familiar with the concept of "occam's razor" the simplest explanation is the most likely: rounds are hitting the muzzle device.
  12. JK-47

    45rd RPK mags group buy

    I woudl take between 4 and 8
  13. JK-47

    loading the gun

    would you be able to clarify, what shells 2 3/4" ? what is your magazine marked, 20 x 76mm? the more detail you give the easier it will be to figure out.