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  1. I sure hope they are using the original killer strain or it will be an epic failure like everything else south of the border.
  2. 150 people come here per day from infected countries. Of that, there is certainly a high percentage of people whom have been exposed. Do you find it a bit odd that nobody here has died from this? Hmmm... 1050 people came in this week and nothing. Sorry buddy, but this ain't the one. Look elsewhere with your rage. After Tuesday, it will probably be easy to find another place to put said rage.
  3. All well and good until another health care worker (or immigrant/foreign national) comes here from Liberia infected and points to this case as to why he/she doesn't have to be in quarantine. "Another" infected one? There is no evidence whatsoever that this nurse is infected with anything. I disagree sir. That bitch is infected the same liberal mindset that is currently destroying this country. "I am ABOVE the law, your rules don't apply to me, and fuck the rest of you plebes, I will do as I please"... She was smart enough to get through school. She supposedly has helped people with
  4. Under our current leadership on both sides of the aisle........ We suck!
  5. I agree with a lot of what you said John. The quarantine needs to be real. That's for immigrants, medical personnel, and anybody exposed to ebola. And I certainly don't intend to perpetuate fear with anything I've posted, just common sense. I agree that in terms of dead bodies, we aren't seeing piles of bodies from ebola in this country. However, you can't wait until it gets to that point before setting up serious quarantines. By the time you have thousands or even just hundreds or dozens of bodies, it's too late. You would still setup quarantines, but the overall success of containing
  6. See how the smoke and mirrors works... I totally forgot about this one. I concur sir!
  7. It's amazing how fast these roaches spread. It was less than two years ago that you were singing VA's praises. I'm not beating up on you bro. Just pointing out the very sad fact.
  8. This disease has been treated with zero respect by our people in charge. Yet, not a single person has died in this country with the exception of a dude that was probably already basically a dead man walking. If they are going to have a quarantine, it needs to be the real deal. That means a quarantine for every one of the estimated 150 people coming in per day. Not picking someone and telling them they need to live in a parking lot in a tent. Do I think she should self quarantine? Of course. But there is something more to this story that we don't know as none of this is adding up
  9. This has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment. I don't have the power to take away anyone's rights. Nor am I in any way saying his rights should be taken away. I don't think many would be comfortable giving advice if they knew what he put out there. Not my forum. Not my decision. This will be my last post in this thread as I don't want anything to do with this.
  10. This thread is quite obviously RACIST. The market will crash due to workplace violence. You guys need to all convert to the religion of peace and get along.
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