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  1. Ben has been drinking again. Don't bother yourselves with wondering why its hostile. Thats actually pretty cool stuff Ben, make the thread less weird and angry next time. Be a happy drunk.
  2. imo, almost 300 is stupid for a pack. that first one is more realistic but you can find a better one at any military surplus store that is more durable and will cost way less.
  3. It doesn't matter. 99% of American blacks cant prove their heritage, much less put the effort into proving it of their own free will.
  4. You guys hating on darth need to check your white guilt card and turn it in for "going to finally stand up against this shit, obviously racist against whites card". White guilt in America has become so terrible its almost a crime to speak out against true racism. Or even suggest you are proud of your ancestry if you aren't at least brown or darker. These mother fuckers keep it up and they are going to wake up a real sleeping dragon they never wanted to see. They think its bad now. Wait until people are fed up.
  5. after Trump throws the election for Hitlarry I dont want to hear any of you crying. I tried to say the two party system is broken time and time again only to be flogged.
  6. ya im sad to see its so slow around here. Well pretty much in my free time im either shooting or fishing. I dont forum much anymore. But that last few times i dropped by there has been much interesting to read. I hope maybe it picks back up. Was a great forum full of good people. Always loved seeing what was being built or given away.
  7. oh im sorry i went to sleep and it took me a day to respond because i work unlike others....cough cough. sadly you took 2 hours to respond how dare you. whip and chains. pathetic try again.
  8. You are fresh for sure. "Its the governments fault break the rules, post shit people don't want to read where It doesn't belong. Run all the people off that don't want to hear your shit." I'm seeing the trend. Hate it for the ones left from way back. Seems pretty draining and mind numbing.
  9. Haven't been around much, life n stuff. Maybe its for the best. General discussion seems to be the new latest news and political discussion section. Sure isn't very saiga forumish last few times Ive dropped by. Guess ill go talk about guns and fishing and outdoorsy stuff while you all enjoy bickering about politics and what happened on todays new episode of The View. is Poly still ripping people off?
  10. Oh good one, Im "self centered" for having my own belief and standing up for it. Are you voting for Hitlery? you sound like you would fit right in.
  11. Same old "we only have two choices shit again" Same election 8 years later. Still going downhill fast. Two party system is the devil you are all still supporting. Enjoy the suicide fruit juice. Not drinking it. Never will, I will meet you on the other side when it falls apart.
  12. kind of anticlimactic. Golden Tiger has been in stock at SG ammo for a good time now. Just now to sell out very slowly. What was the meaning of your post? did you drop by to panic buy at the last minute and didn't realize they have had it in stock for over 2 years now pretty consistently?
  13. Well very well might have shot themselves in the foot this time. Their supplier of ARs pulled their contract because of this. Hope they loose a ton. Screw Academy.
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