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  1. You're a C2 SOT but you don't know how to make an AK select fire?
  2. 6500rpm is correct. I've peeped through them all and the HK sights with a ghost ring is absolutely the fasted-acquisition iron sight period.
  3. Posting on the forum is not a more direct route to us, email is. You can't fill out an NFA form without a weapon in possession, and we have none in current inventory.
  4. I prefer none. I did thread it, and find the flash hider to be very useful for varminting at night.
  5. All 8 in a 10" circle at 25 yards.
  6. I threaded the end of the vert handle on my personal gun. That way I can change it out...has a skull now but I was also thinking dice.
  7. I'm not sure how to help you here, having never built a 4" move. At this point I would probably go ahead and cut 4" off of the (total assembled) length of the op rod and see how it goes. Design-wise you want to shorten the minimum amount required to fully operate, but the shorter system will actually have a longer dwell time so...who knows. I can't speculate how your length will work. Worst-case scenario is that you have to move it but there's no point in starting that way.
  8. Who knows, might be worth something some day. Ruffian is right; you wouldn't grind the swastika off of a Luger, would you?
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