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  1. BobAsh

    Remember me?

    Looks good man.
  2. BobAsh

    Post Sample Saiga 12

    You're a C2 SOT but you don't know how to make an AK select fire?
  3. Good to see you bro. Merry Christmas.
  4. BobAsh

    SBS Iron Sight & Optic Options

    6500rpm is correct. I've peeped through them all and the HK sights with a ghost ring is absolutely the fasted-acquisition iron sight period.
  5. Posting on the forum is not a more direct route to us, email is. You can't fill out an NFA form without a weapon in possession, and we have none in current inventory.
  6. Huge congratulations brother. I'm sure you'll do well.
  7. Wow. Super rare and we're not making any more.
  8. BobAsh

    SBS/SBR Pictures

    I prefer none. I did thread it, and find the flash hider to be very useful for varminting at night.
  9. BobAsh

    S17 Just Arrived

    All 8 in a 10" circle at 25 yards.
  10. BobAsh

    Custom charging handle?

    I threaded the end of the vert handle on my personal gun. That way I can change it out...has a skull now but I was also thinking dice.
  11. BobAsh

    10 inch Saiga 12 SBS

    I'm not sure how to help you here, having never built a 4" move. At this point I would probably go ahead and cut 4" off of the (total assembled) length of the op rod and see how it goes. Design-wise you want to shorten the minimum amount required to fully operate, but the shorter system will actually have a longer dwell time so...who knows. I can't speculate how your length will work. Worst-case scenario is that you have to move it but there's no point in starting that way.
  12. Who knows, might be worth something some day. Ruffian is right; you wouldn't grind the swastika off of a Luger, would you?