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  1. I was told he stammered on about the type of muzzle device. I agree... he probably wanted nothing to do with working on it. Not my problem, guy sold it to someone else. Still sounds strange.
  2. I have a guy who wanted to sell me his Saiga 12 fully converted. I checked it out, parts count appears correct. The barrel has been cut down and pinned/welded with an OAL is 18.5. This guy had put a magwell on and removed it. I was contemplating buying it, I told him I would want to weld the holes from the magwell. He took it to a gunsmith who told him he couldn't touch it without a letter from the ATF.. I'm no lawyer but I thought pinning and welding was lawful. I read somewhere that you couldn't remove the barrel from the receiver if cut down. Can someone make sense of this? If you know
  3. I'm thinking I will fill the old detent and drill a new one. I looked at trying to pound or file the Krebs, way too much hassle.
  4. I'm thinking the same. I don't want to spend hours on it.
  5. I installed a new Krebs safety selector lever today. I had to reinstall the stock one because my new Krebs detent did not match up. It's about 2 mm off. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone have a good fix? Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys, I think he's going to buy a new lower. I heard he paid a lot for it. I'm not sure how much. It was/is a great rifle. I'm sure you could strip it, fill it, sand it, and put a good finish on it... it would be fine. I told him to sell it to me ...cheap.
  7. Ok, I was discussing Will Haden and Red Jacket and the fact that the show was cancelled with my buddy. He asked me if he could grind the Red Jacket logo off the side of his AR-15 he had built by them. I told him to buy a different lower. I wasn't sure what items stamped on the lower had to stay. Obviously the serial number but the rest I'm not sure about. I know a few of you have the answer. What do you think guys?
  8. 34684, Palm Harbor. Tampa area. My rifle ranges are not saiga friendly so if anyone knows where I can shoot my saiga... please let me know. I'd also be interested in meeting up with you guys for a group shoot. Thanks.
  9. I'm not hunting waterfowl in a steel shot required wetland. So, I prefer lead. What would store better lead or steel? I was always taught you must use a rifled slug in a smooth barrel. What would happen if you used a non rifled slug?
  10. I had a debate with my buddy about steel vs. lead shot. I've read all the topics on the different pellet counts, dispersion patterns, and velocity differences. Now, I'm primarily concerned about barrel wear. Through my research, lead is far better for barrel life. I simply want to know your opinions and experiences and any advice. So... What do you shoot? Thanks guys.
  11. The S12 I intend to purchase is currently owned by a forum member and the conversion was done by a well respected gunsmith here on this forum as well. The weapon has not been altered since it's conversion. I checked with my buddies at my local gun shop, they assured me there would be no legal issues in my state and/or county. The face to face is based on the fact that the seller is within driving distance. I will ask for any and all paperwork on it. I posted my questions here because this is a huge knowledge base and the members here may pose questions that I forgot or didn't think to ask. The
  12. I have looked into state and local laws as far as owning the weapon and hi capacity magazines. Both are legal in my county and the state of Florida. Are there any other ramifications I should consider?
  13. I am considering buying a 922r compliant converted saiga from a private owner. Do I need any type of paperwork? Do I have to register it? I am a pistol shooter, so I have to have a background check and have to register my firearms. I have searched and read till my eyes cross. I have not been able to find a definitive answer. I'm not sure if there are any legal differences between sporting and non sporting. I don't want any issues with the ATF. Any links, answers, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I have a few questions. What model is it? Have the ports been modified? How many ports? Have the bolt, rail, and other internals been polished? I'm not crazy about the folding stock, can it be replaced with a collapsible stock or is it welded? Exactly what types and size shells have you fired through it? Are you using an auto plug, twister puck, or any other variety? I would like to see some more pics, please. Thanks.
  15. The only problem is now I have to rethink my build plans. I had it all mapped out and then you guys come out with this. I have to do some other things first but I will definetly be talking to you in a few months. Great Work!
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