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  1. haha, don't hate... Actually, I like all of the rails since it adds a bit weight to the front with quite the muzzle blast...
  2. Awesome. Just what I needed to know. Order placed, and now just need to see how long it takes to send out since it is backordered. Thank you very much for the recommendation!
  3. I just received confirmation from Carolina Shooter that the Buffer Tube is fixed, so that will not work. Now to confirm the Canis adapter.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations! So far we have: http://www.canisdesigngroup.com/ak-to-m4-stock-adapter.html and http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/cncw-ak47-tube-24824.htm The Canis folds to the right. The Carolina Shooters folds to the left. The million dollar question is if both buffer tubes are removable (to be replaced with a pistol buffer tube). I would think absolutely, but don't want to assume. Anything else to keep in mind between the two? Thank you!
  5. I have the AOW 7" version depicted there. The idea is to place a Milspec Pistol Buffer Tube on the adapter with a Sigtac Brace (SBS's are not permitted in my state).
  6. First post, so please go easy... I am looking for a production M4 Folding Stock Adapter for my Bravo 7" Saiga-12 http://bravo18.com/SAIGA'S.html It has to be capable of accepting an M4 (AR) Buffer Tube, fold, and lock into place. Can anyone recommend a quality adapter for me? Thanks!
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