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  1. Any pictures? How long ago did you buy them?
  2. I could not agree more! I purchased my drill and tap kits as well as his bullet guides. I have drilled and tapped several Saigas and Veprs with his kits and never broken a tap,I have read many broken tap horror stories,but the kits were purchased from another vendor. Great seller that sells quality goods !
  3. AOA has new in the wrapper Beryl mags for $35 ea ,less if you buy in quantity.
  4. Tiger you are correct,this has to do with the Saiga front trunnions not made to spec. The Saiga was made on purpose not to accept full capacity magazines. The easiest solution is to remove a slight amount of material from the front of the magazine. If you remove the top cover and look at the area of the front trunnion when you slowly rock the magazine in you will see the area that is hitting. File just enough so the mags lock in. Sorry I meant to write vepr instead of Saiga ^
  5. I use Galil mags in my Saiga. Orilites work the best,followed by the steel 12 rd. mags. The 35 and 50 rd mags vary in specs so they are hit or miss on whether they will function or not.
  6. There should be plenty 5.45 and .223 mags in Poland and Russia. There was also someone I the UK if I recall.
  7. I used an air die grinder with sanding pads when I converted a Weiger mag,it was a lot of metal removed from only the front latch that locks in the front trunnion.This was only done to 1 or 2 mags and then I had the front of the mag well opened up to allow for unmodified Weiger mags, I believe he milled 1mm from each side if I remember correctly. He did it in 10 minutes while I waited and then I decided to have him thread my barrel,again I waited ,about 15 minutes,the work was done at Elk River Tool and Die when they were in Houston. M85 mags are very similar to the Weigers ,so this may be pos
  8. Which one do you recommend? The nitrided barrel or the CL lined unit ? Are these 22 or 23mm ? Sorry for the lame question ,the nuianses of barrels is something I have not yet mastered.
  9. I would pick up a Bulgarian bolt head and carrier (matching#'s) on one of the forums for $40-50 from a parts kit that someone is parting out and save a few bucks. I picked up one of the KVAR Saiga 5.45 bolts to have as a spare for my .223 Saiga and Vepr,paid about $150 bucks or so for it. then I found someone selling a new bolt,carrier matching #s Bulgy unit for $40 so I jumped on it, then compared the KVAR unit to the bulgy and the Saiga .223 bolt and the differences were small. Enough on the forums have tried it with building the Bulgy AK74 5.45 kits using a .223 barrel ,so I purchased the
  10. Liberty,sorry the Houston question was for tbryanh . If I am correct Liberty, you and I have done some business together. ^ is good sound advise.Weiger mags can be made to function with some work to the mags. Are you the guy in Houston ? Sorry Mike not in Texas. Wish I was that's were I'm from originally. I'm in Illinois near Peoria. Ues you can grind or file down steel mags. I did a couple just to see. It's alot more work than it's worth. The mags survive but I'm not sure that they will hold up well over time. Once and a while you will weiger german mags but you pay a premium. Anothe
  11. ^ is good sound advise.Weiger mags can be made to function with some work to the mags. Are you the guy in Houston ?
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