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  1. Not a .22, but what about something very traditional, a project for both, and just as fun? You could then pick up an already assembled 10/22 later for a few bills. https://www.muzzle-loaders.com/rifles/muzzleloader-kits.html https://www.muzzle-loaders.com/pistols/pistol-kits.html There's also factory receivers on Gunbroker for the 10/22. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/642833559
  2. Been into some nasty firearms myself, but the best ones to date have been a buddy's Marlin 60, and my grandfather's Model 12 from 1924. The model 12, I could believe a person if they told me had never been cleaned since the day it left the factory. Quite literally using a flathead screwdriver to just dig the gunk out of the receiver, layer after layer. The Marlin, though... Nothin' quite like pushing a rod through the bore, and out comes hundreds of little spiders.
  3. forsaken352

    Polymer ar15

    Do NOT use a polymer lower. Ever. It's generally only accepted as being useful as a dedicated .22lr, but even then, they will break eventually. It's not a matter of "if", but "when". If you're looking for weight savings, especially on a direct blowback, stick with an aluminum receiver and consider skeletonized.
  4. forsaken352

    Melanias gift

    Hopefully a dull knife with the words "DIY Bruce Jenner Kit".
  5. forsaken352

    Are Saiga-12 selectors the same as standard AK?

    Saiga selector on top: Saiga selector on the left: AK selector: Saiga selector: I tried installing the Saiga selector in the WASR that the AK selector came from, and it was not blocking the trigger from moving. I could not attempt installing the AK selector in the Saiga 12 due to the guts being at Cobra's for some work. I hope this helps.
  6. Edit: I'd do it. Seems like it's worth it.
  7. So long as the barrel is pinned/welded at 18.5" measured from the inside on a closed bolt, and is 26" + overall, then it's no different than any other title 1 firearm. I don't see why the gunsmith would need a letter from the ATF to weld up some holes from a magwell.
  8. Happy birthday, sir.
  9. forsaken352

    I guess I'm a little late to the party

    Well, if you can hold out for awhile, the Csspecs 20 gauge mags will probably be the best you'll find. http://stores.csspecs.com/saiga-20-gauge-10rd/ Oh, and welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new shotgun!
  10. forsaken352

    alternative to arf.com?

    AR15armory.com. It's smaller, but an excellent group of people. Just for the record, I cannot tell you how many people have come to the Armory from AR15.com. They refer to it as "the other forum". Just do yourself a favor, though, if you do go to the Armory, don't talk bad about AR15.com, or other gun forums. It's against their rules.
  11. forsaken352

    Finally did it

    Did you notch the bolt hold open lever?
  12. forsaken352

    How do you all clean the chamber/throat of your S308?

    Go from the muzzle end. Insert a bore brush, being careful not to damage the crown, scrub a few times back and forth (obviously with some solvent in there), never letting the brush exit the muzzle completely (helps to prevent the brush from nicking the crown). Next, use a chamber brush on one of those flexible "Chamber Maid's" (allows a decent chamber cleaning without bending a cleaning rod). Then, reinsert the cleaning rod, now with a "patch puller" attachment until the attachment is easily accessible from inside the receiver. Thread a cleaning patch through the eyelet of the patch puller, and pull the patch through the bore. Repeat until patches come out clean. Follow up with an oiled patch. Lastly, I recommend a quality one piece coated cleaning rod, as a cheap segmented rod can have a "lip" where two sections of rod meet, and, again, could potentially nick the crown. I highly recommend Dewey cleaning rods.
  13. forsaken352

    New member

    The bolt hold open is located just to the right of the trigger. Pull the charging handle to the rear, push up on the bolt hold open lever, and release the charging handle while maintaining upward pressure on the bolt hold open lever. Your bolt will now be held rearward and will make seating a magazine a bit easier. As far as last round bolt hold open, I've seen it done, but it requires a bit of modification. I'm sure a Google search on the subject would yield some results.
  14. forsaken352

    +1 For Spacehog

    Fast payment and great communication. Thank you again, Spacehog!