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  1. I've got a 8, 10 and a 12 ordered! Yay!!
  2. Whatever Arsenal put in it. The guy I got it from got it from a guy complaining about it being a Bulgarian POS and not a real AK so he built a $500 AR for him and traded him. The guy I got it from had never shot it. Doesn't look like anyone has messed with it internally. Its way less picky than my S-20 which will only run 1 brand and load of ammo unless its really hot stuff, slugs or buck. It, the 410, ran a mag of some federal which ran just fine. Same stuff later that day and the mag became angry. Gun ran flawless. Cycled every time other than the mag not feeding it. When the mag did
  3. Pucked up an Arsenal converted Saiga 410 the other day. Its dirty and needs a cleaning bad though it seems to be fine otherwise. I only have the 3" mag and for some reason the next round isn't always stripped off the top but pushed forward and down into the mag jamming the mag up. Any suggestions on that?
  4. So excited!!!! Between a 7.62x25 1911, another saiga conversion and these my wallet is going to hate me!
  5. You have no idea how excited I am! Now I just have to get my carrier/piston fixed! And I bought another Saiga today....
  6. Might as well get a G2 already modified for the saiga is you want to go that way. I believe CSS has them. I believe it is a width issue with the BHO latch. 922r is stupid, serves very little purpose and is impossible to enforce. I don't believe anyone has been charged or convicted of a violation. I'm not going to go out of my way to find 922r parts. If a compliant part works best I'll grab that big not I won't.
  7. Why do you care about USA marked? Its not like the gestapo will come to check your 922r. Check out the ALG AKT. Should do the trick. Might need some massaging. I'm planning to get a few soon and fit them in every AK I own.
  8. He was quite through on his answers. Guns built by CA are widely known to absolute garbage. CA imports some good stuff like NPAPs and WASRs but they cannot build a gun worth a crap. Most AK people will tell you the best thing you can do with a C39 or a RAS is melt it down before it kills you. The poor QC and materials used in them make all sorts of things happen that shouldn't including headspace changes. For the price CA wants for a C39 or a RAS you could get a NPAP or a WASR and a few hundred rounds of ammo and not have to worry about when its going to blow up in your face. Be
  9. I got ahold of him. Wasn't sure I had typed the email address in properly.
  10. Cobra asked me to email him. Sent him some photos on Facebook and was asked to email him. Havnt heard back from the email. That was last tuesday. I figure I either typed the email in wrong or he is busy.
  11. Thanks man! Im in contact with him right now. You recommend him?
  12. Just pulled my S20 out for a cleaning, which it didn't need, and I found the end of the carrier where the piston threads in is breaking off. Looks like 1-2 threads have broken off. Anyone experienced this before? Any recommendations? Feels no different than before, its always been sticky where the bolt rotates and locks in. The piston has a little wobble to it now but less than my NPAP!
  13. Speaking of mags, any word on the CCSpecs mags?
  14. What's the downlow on these? I emailed them and they said they have had no problems in the past sending them into the US.
  15. Glad to see some post 41F stuff coming back. 1. NFA Item: Silencerco Hybrid .46 Cal 2. Form Type: Form 4 3. Transferee Type: Trust 4. Form 1 Sent: 10/14/16 5. Delivered:10/17/16 6. Check Cashed:10/20/16 7. Pending Date: ? 8. Approved Date: ? 9. Form 1 Received: ? 10. Picked up from Dealer: ? 11. Examiner Name: ? Will update as info becomes known.
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