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  1. Run and Gun

    Mag catch retaining pin fell out

    It's a Saiga 12 with over 2000 rounds through it. The solid pin doesn't seem to be a tight fit anymore and it's the exact width of the tangs coming of the receiver, so I can't really peen the pin. I've found a small enough bolt that's the same diameter as the original pin to use. So I now have a bolt, lock washer and nut that's loc-tited in place. Hopefully it will never come loose again.
  2. Run and Gun

    Mag catch retaining pin fell out

    Anyone have this happen to them while shooting? I know the S12 Mag catch is different from a standard ak. Anyone have a good fix to keep the pin in?
  3. Run and Gun

    Para Ordinance 1911 Black Ops

    I have several older Paras, all are great guns. Wish I could get a new one, especially since Remington bought out Para and the Para name will be no more.
  4. Run and Gun

    Slide porting problems?

    I've shot multiple pistols with lightened slides, none had a noticeable different feeling than a normal weight slide. Slide cuts are cosmetic.
  5. Run and Gun

    ftf with rio shotshells

    Rio ammo hulls are soft. I ran into the same issue. I just quit using Rio.
  6. Run and Gun

    Trigger not resetting

    Also, check to make sure the pistol grip is not rubbing the trigger causing reset issues.
  7. Run and Gun


    The nub on the CSS puck goes toward the muzzle , not pointed back at the breech. It's to stop the puck from completely covering the gas ports.
  8. Run and Gun

    yugo N-Pap

    The new Npaps are good rifles. I got one a few months ago and put around 1000 rounds through it so far without a single stoppage. Pretty accurate too.
  9. Run and Gun


    Cool build!
  10. It's just stupid what some people do with firearms.
  11. Run and Gun

    CT Gun Rights Rally

    That's awesome! Wish I could come down and help, but I'm a few states away.
  12. Run and Gun

    Target Shooting Saiga 12 in Ohio

    Ohio has a 30 round mag limit.
  13. The 8lbs of autocomp powder I ordered has been on back order for 8months. I had to switch to imr from win231 because I can't get any. This sucks!