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  1. I figured out how to stop out of battery fire on a U.S. made 9mm Vityaz clone. It can be done safely without a 3rd pin.
  2. It's all good guys, don't argue. Heck, I wish we could all have full auto's, but the laws are what they are and our hands are tied. There is always bump firing. That's what we did with the first 9mm prototype Will Hayden has now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkisKUQNB8A
  3. YES PLEASE DO THIS! And compatible with SGM drum please. That wouldn't be a problem. I have already worked with Glock system before. I built a 45acp. roller locking weapon that used the Glock21/Kriss mags a few years ago. One thing though, it would be designed for the latest Gen mags. I'm not even going to try and make every Gen mag work again. WAFPITA that is!!! (The older mags swell up when you load them, changing the magwell dimensions.)
  4. Nothing for sale at this time, but hopefully in the near future.
  5. I'm looking at doing a Glock mag model in the future also.
  6. Done!P.S. I've made a 9mm Vityaz clone also. Ps, interested in vityaz. Tell Joey to drop other projects and fasttrack these.lol Looks like your closer to Joe than I. Go beat on his door, call, e-mail and tell him to get the CAD model finished. (Just joking) The AK PDW is just a demo I made for myself, but I hope to make them in 9mm/45acp also. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, with something like that I can easily make a feedtower to fit on my 100 round 9mm BETA DRUM. what surplus mag is that? It's a Sterling, but the single feed Sten mags work just as well in this w
  7. Done! P.S. I've made a 9mm Vityaz clone also.
  8. I fixed the mag catch and relieved some of the pressure on the selector. She just eats ammo all day long. lol Just need to media blast and paint it now.
  9. Yes, I like the LINCH so far. It is nice for this build because I shoot right handed and it's easier to charge with my left hand and not have to reach over or turn the gun to the side. The rear sight is welded on and I'm thinking of removing the right side cocking handle all together so it will fit in a holster. Took the AK PDW out for another round of testing after finishing the welding on it today. The rounds eject about 10 feet when fired.It's not broke in yet, but I'll dump a few hundred rounds through it this weekend before media blast and paint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrIY.
  10. Thanks guy's. Welded the AK PDW yesterday and went to the range for testing. It works perfect, but the mag I brought with me was junk and I never thought to bring another. Damn it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQzkQGrf4c0 Now it needs media blasted and painted. I'll post a better video after it's finished.
  11. Get ahold of Matt Y. at mygunsnorthwest. He's a damn AK rail expert.
  12. What do you want? I teamed up with King Armory and we are planning on producing a few different models and calibers.
  13. Mockup is done and this is how it will look. (Still needs painted.) I found a pistol grip that matched my forearm perfectly. Now onto the next project. One of these in 45 acp.
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