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  1. I was thinking maybe of making a vepr an underfolder. Anyone know if the underfolder mechanism could be fitted on the VEPR?
  2. Man that saiga 9 is sexeh! The vepr would be pretty slick if it took those vityaz mags. Maybe a conversion is in order if we ever see these? I'm just glad someone is makin 9mm ak's in russia these days. Fingers crossed for importation.
  3. I'm glad to see this topic is still running strong. I just saw a Saiga-9 on another website and made me think of this old post. Still would like to see the saiga 9 imported like the standard import saiga. I would love to do a conversion on it. I saw the VEPR as well. Kinda silly magazine design IMPO. Maybe a vityaz magazine conversion would be cool for one. Either way we need a 9mm AK imported to the US.
  4. These days are loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg gone. Haven't seen a $40 M44 in a long time.
  5. I don't know if anyone knew this.... But I looked at one of will's (red jacket) classic style conversions. Which is very well done and had the holes welded and all the little bells and whistles on it. Then was lurking around Atlantic and saw another (red jacket) classic they were selling for the same price that was on the RJ website as the classic. Something didn't look right when I saw the Atlantic red jacket classic. Tapco timbersmith stock set, no weld holes, yadda yadda. Then looked at will's red jacket classic. Two completely diffrent builds? Same price? Either wills work is di
  6. I struggled with the idea of giving it a subtle copper or bronze wash, but I just never worked up the nerve. There is still a lot that could be done if I wanted to go full Deiselpunk with it, but I'm not sure I want to commit to anything that is irreversible at this point. I also do occasionally shoot this gun, so it has to be completely functional. But probably most importantly, I collect original Soviet-form AKs, and as it is, with the Russian finish and laminated wood, this still fits in very nicely. Making it look like it was crafted in hammered copper and brass would definitely set it
  7. I was thinking of taking my saiga x39 and going the steam punk route when I got it. Then started thinking about resale value and what not. I'm glad someone did. This gun looks very awesome indeed. I tip my hat to you sir. I'd like to see more bronze tho. My idea was to do some bronze plating to some of the AK parts. To give it that true steampunk look. Never the less keep up the good work. This gun is simple and beautiful. Not over complicated and just a plain work of art. Cheers!
  8. Was wondering what parts would fit a 7.62x39 conversion. Gas tubes, Hand guards, stocks, pistol grips? Origin of these parts that will fit? Russian? Romanian? Polish? Chinese?Bulgarian?Yugo?
  9. Maybe is Russian doo dad from Izhmash factory plant, eh? Izhmash make more than AK rifle. Izhmash make auto car and machine tool as well!
  10. Did you build it off of a draco? What was the over all cost of making the modifications and what modifications did you make?
  11. Tony, That was some funny shit. "one hand to hold the gun and the other to hold the beer!" But you underestimate the power of the redneck. I can only hope the Akdal gets more popular. Maybe it will bring down the prices of Saiga 12's. The akdal is attractive. But it doesn't have a track record like the S12 does. It seems it's up to the aftermarket to make it that tacticool AR 12 gauge. To say one is better than the other is up in the air at the moment. One of the reasons I haven't run out and bought an akdal. It's too early to tell. I think more parts made for the akdal the better
  12. The Saiga .410 just got cooler! It was cool to begin with. But now...It's just over the top. 30 rounds of .410 buckshot sounds like it would make a mess. May have to pick up a .410 soon. Before people start buying them up.
  13. I think if they could be made affordable there is a market. 7.62x25 is a dying round. 9mm will be around forever. Hopefully we will see a russian made one so anybody can make one cheaply. Just like we have done with all the Saiga line of products. You are 100% correct and I've already done it. My design is a little more advanced than the EOD's though. I'm having a real rough time deciding if I want to use my SLR106 UR as a donor for the second one? Do you have any pictures of your build? What barrel did you use? And what magazines?
  14. Damn man. That's a nice rifle! Looks like an RPK clone. If I had the cash I'd take it in a heart beat. Thank you economy! Either way it's a steal. Best of luck selling her.
  15. I'll bite. 7.62x54R, 45-70, 454 casull, .500 s&w, 9mm, .40/10mm, 45 acp, .300 winchester magnum, 9x53R (actually in the US), 8mm mauser, .30-30, 16 gauge, 10 gauge, .357 magnum, 444 marlin. I think that makes my list. LOL! Oh, .22lr also. I think I could really go for a saiga in any caliber...
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